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Online Resources Introducing F.W. Davison’s New Online Customer Resource Center.

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1 Online Resources Introducing F.W. Davison’s New Online Customer Resource Center

2 F.W. Davison & Company2 Convenient Login Login is now positioned on the home page at

3 F.W. Davison & Company3 New Layout The whole site now has a new, more attractive layout

4 F.W. Davison & Company4 News You Can Use Latest news appears in the header of each page Scrolling action pauses for easier reading Text is linked for quick access

5 F.W. Davison & Company5 At-A-Glance Bulletins Mouse-over titles for a quick glance at the bulletins Click on the titles to view more of the story

6 F.W. Davison & Company6 Submit a New Case Contact info defaults from login Additional options include requesting to be paged

7 F.W. Davison & Company7 Submit a New Case Fax Supporting Information E-mail a Screen Capture Reference the Case Number

8 F.W. Davison & Company8 Case History Review cases that have been closed in the past 30 days

9 F.W. Davison & Company9 Case History Search If the case was closed over 30 days ago, use the Search Cases feature

10 F.W. Davison & Company10 Download Center Improved navigation to previous versions of software Quick access to upgrade and download info

11 F.W. Davison & Company11 Library If we’ve published it, it’s here in the Library!

12 F.W. Davison & Company12 Library No Dewey decimal system, just point and click on the drawer to find your document

13 F.W. Davison & Company13 Library Documentation categories:  Reference Guides  User Guides  Technical Guides  Setup Guides  Forms & Samples  Task Sheets  Tech Notes & Helps  Release Notes

14 F.W. Davison & Company14 Search the Site Using a keyword search, you can search the Library to find the document you need Or you can search the website to find just the right information!

15 F.W. Davison & Company15 Online Change Requests Change Requests can now be submitted online

16 F.W. Davison & Company16 Submit Change Requests Fill in form with contact info and detail Fax or e-mail additional information upon submission

17 F.W. Davison & Company17 View Change Requests Select submitted Change Request from list to review detail

18 F.W. Davison & Company18 View Change Requests View quote online Print, sign & fax “Authorization Form” Cancel/Reject Quote online

19 F.W. Davison & Company19 Edit Account Information Change contact information

20 F.W. Davison & Company20 Edit Account Information Update software versions

21 F.W. Davison & Company21 For best results … The CRC is best viewed with Internet Explorer 6 and above.  This means that some layout features may not be completely supported by older browsers.

22 F.W. Davison & Company22 Thanks for Viewing Thank you for viewing this introduction to F.W. Davison’s online Customer Resource Center. For a closer look, please login at

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