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INSIGHT V2 ONLINE + INTRANET Introduction Version 1c.

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1 INSIGHT V2 ONLINE + INTRANET Introduction Version 1c

2 Thank you for taking the time to see what version 2 is all about This quick introduction will show the basic use on the new Insight browser Access to Insight Intranet is always via the company Intranet Access to Insight Online is from Before the above step, sign in with your user name and password for private access to the company law library (see top right)

3 There are three distinct areas to interact with - A. Index selection B. Welcome page with tool options C. Search frame Open a document from the Library Index frame by expanding the options There is always news and information on the welcome page The library status report and the update register can be found on the vertical toolbar

4 Open a document from the Library index frame by expanding the options The size of the frame may be expanded to see more text Clicking on the frame selector will close the frame from view

5 The document can be browsed from the Index frame or the navigation tools on the page The page may be printed from the navigation bar Selecting text allows Copy (Ctrl-C) and Paste (Ctrl-V) – retaining styling in XML

6 The document navigation bar is used to scroll through the pages The Print option will print the current page The document title is shown with the current release number A bookmark may be added to the page to be recalled from the bookmark index This navbar will extend on the left when viewing updates in comparison mode

7 The Search frame allows searching the document or across the whole library for any word The list of matches may be scrolled and viewed in short summary format The Word Index function and the document Update Report now appear at the bottom of the frame

8 As a find option the Word Index is a productive way of locating known words in the document Open the word index frame and select the required Alpha to see if the word is represented in the document A convenient index of matches can now be browsed for the required information

9 Our documents are compiled law – with updates inserted to the text The Update view frame provides insight to each update in the document history Each update issued by Notice number from the Government gazette may be viewed in the document by selecting the relevant highlight There is a comparative view of this update by opening a modal window with the view glass icon

10 Comparative Update view is a new feature for Insightv2 The side by side view of the current change compared to the previous version of the text - allows for rapid assessment of what was changed !! This is only available as from 2014

11 Thank you for viewing this Introduction to Insight v2

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