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Part of our Immune system

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1 Part of our Immune system
Lymphatic System Part of our Immune system

2 Purpose of Lymphatic System
Collects excess fluids surrounding your cells What is the fluid that surrounds your cells? Helps eliminate the pathogens in this fluid and returns it to your blood stream Do you think this fluid is returned to a vein or artery? Helps your body fight pathogens What does your body need to fight pathogens?

3 Lymphatic System consists of
Lymph Vessels Lymph Lymphatic Organs

4 Lymph Vessels Are like the blood vessels but instead of carrying blood they carry excess cellular fluids called …

5 Lymph Excess fluid (plasma) surrounding the cells that contains some cell waste and some cell nutrients What kind of waste might be in Lymph? What would happen if these wastes were left surrounding the cell?

6 Lymphatic Organs Lymph nodes Thymus Spleen Tonsils

7 Lymph Nodes Bean shaped organs that are found connected to the lymph vessels that remove particles such as pathogens and dead cells from the Lymph Contain wbc’s Get swollen when we are fighting an infection Why do you think the lymph nodes swell?

8 Thymus Gland Located above the heart Releases and produces wbc’s

9 Spleen Largest Lymphatic organ
Located in the upper side of the abdomen Filters the blood – rbc recycling center Produces and releases wbc’s

10 Tonsils Made up of Lymphatic tissue at the back of the tongue
Helps defend body against infection by releasing wbc’s Can become infected and may have to be removed

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