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Operating Committee Chair Report Scott Kinney, OC Chair March 25, 2015.

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1 Operating Committee Chair Report Scott Kinney, OC Chair March 25, 2015

2 October OC Meeting Approved Items Path Operator Task Force Recommendations UFAS – Remove 1995 cap on qualified device compensation – Continue to develop long term solution Approve Critical Infrastructure and Information Management (CIIMS) Subcommittee charter

3 Recent Board Action Items Approved eliminatation of OTS Training Policy Approved 2016 Board meetings schedule – All meeting to be held at WECC in SLC 2015 Annual Meeting moved to September 15-16 Started Section 4.9 review – Darren on subcommittee structure review task force

4 Proposed 2015 OC Goals 1.Support and implement approved Path Operator Task Force recommendations – OC member participation on TOP-007-WECC-2 standard drafting team – Facilitate the implementation of the Path Operator Task Force recommendations through the creation of the Path Operator Implementation Team 2.Approve long term unscheduled flow dues calculation methodology to insure full cost recovery for device owners – Facilitate member tariff filing for elimination of the 1995 dues cap within 3-6 months – Provide support and guidance to UFAS during the development process – Develop long term methodology in 12-18 months

5 Proposed 2015 OC Goals 3.Develop OC leadership program for future committee, subcommittee, and work group chairs and vice-chairs to ensure consistency and continuity – Create Leadership task force to address need – Ensure all OC leadership attends annual JGC leadership training class 4.Utilize the results of the Event Analysis Process to improve the reliable operation of the BES – The OC will support the dissemination of information such as lessons learned and good industry practices including member event analysis presentations at OC meetings – The OPEAS will recommend development of training as a result of lessons learned and emerging trends from recent system event analysis

6 Proposed 2015 OC Goals 5.Develop improved communication, coordination process, and support of and with WECC MAC, Peak MAC and WECC Leadership – Facilitate regular meetings of OC and MAC leadership – MAC leadership to provide regular updates at OC meetings – Support the Section 4.9 Committee review as requested – Utilization of WECC Training Program – Participation in standards development efforts

7 OC Leadership The October 2015 OC meeting will be my last John Tolo leading OC Nominating Task Force – Send in vice-chair nominations by April 15 Approve chair and vice-chair at July OC meeting Board approval in September Leadership transition prior to December Board meeting

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