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Department of Public Health Sciences MPH Advising Workshop January 2013.

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1 Department of Public Health Sciences MPH Advising Workshop January 2013

2 Concern for the Student = Good Advisement Students are paying customers Students are departmental ambassadors Students are departmental recruiters Students are the department’s legacy Students become alumni donors Initial Thoughts

3 First Steps Contact with assigned advisee Once a student is accepted for admission you receive copy of acceptance letter Please contact them via e-mail or phone Schedule initial advising meeting Interview student Describe your professional interests, etc. Review course sequencing, BUT … Go over working Plan of Study Describe your policy on office visitation

4 MPH 500 Some new students will be required to take MPH 500 during their first semester. The admission committee identifies those students. The acceptance letter from the department will contain that notification Copy to advisor/student file This is a first semester requirement If you feel the requirement should be waived, see the graduate coordinator

5 First Steps Review Requirements for the Masters Degree Department Plan of Study Form Graduate School Forms Scholarship application Change of advisor students/forms/ students/forms/

6 Student Support Meet with advisees at least once a semester Review student’s progress and satisfaction Discuss his/her professional/field experience interests Degree plan alterations? Course substitutions Elective selection Off-sequence requests Access to student files As advisor, you have access to student files in the department office. Must sign out the file

7 Advising Decisions – policy Petitions should be student initiated. Advisor is the first line of decision making Direct student to the appropriate form and have the or help them complete it Approvals/Signatures Be sure student and you sign the petition The Graduate Coordinator will sign for the Department Head Secretary will copy form for the student and file. Send to Graduate Student Services

8 Graduation STAR Audit – My NMSU>Faculty>Degree Audit icket=ST-909909-WsMy0YYw2fzXjdKHpeIV-cas icket=ST-909909-WsMy0YYw2fzXjdKHpeIV-cas Star Audit Change Form eptionForm-Revised.pdf eptionForm-Revised.pdf Transfer of Credit

9 Final Thoughts If you are not sure how to handle a student’s concern, contact me. I am here to help you and the student. “Advising” is a part of Category 1 in the annual planning document. Concern for the Student = Good Advisement

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