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Co-regulation & Special Interest Groups Joanne Tilley, Executive Director Business Support.

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1 Co-regulation & Special Interest Groups Joanne Tilley, Executive Director Business Support

2 What is “co-regulation”? Social Housing Regulator regulates “economic standards” which include Governance & Finance Social Housing Regulator also sets standards for: Home Tenancy Neighbourhoods Customer Services Will only “step in” if there is “serious detriment” to tenants Regulation of consumer standards is therefore … up to us!

3 EMH Homes Co-regulation Structures Special Interest Groups Local Groups Co-ordinating Panel Scrutiny Panel

4 Links to our Boards EMH Group Board Scrutiny Panel Co-ordinating Group EMH Homes Board

5 Independent Scrutiny Panel 17 members recruited by tenants on basis of skills & experience Independent of: Board – although report directly to them Special Interest Groups Local groups Co-ordinating Committee Access to “critical friend” consultancy support

6 Local Groups Tenant led local groups – own constitution & ways of working Liaising with residents locally Developing and monitoring local service offers Recruiting new active residents Work along staff to help co-ordinate estate inspections & improvement plans Community engagement Supported by EMH Homes’ operational teams

7 What are “special interest groups” These groups involve partnership working with emh homes and emh group staff to help shape services, policies and procedures, and drive continuous improvement Also communication with tenants

8 What will special interest groups do? Main consultative groups for considering and developing housing and maintenance related policies Get communication right!

9 Role of Co-ordinating Committee Strategic engagement with executive and Board Main consultative body on key strategic issues Co-ordinate resident engagement activities Oversee value for money in resident engagement Oversee learning and development for active residents Monitor outcomes Close liaison with Scrutiny Panel, including where appropriate, challenging the impact, effectiveness and performance of tenant scrutiny functions

10 Special Interest Groups EMH Homes Co- ordinating Group Maintenance Forum Neighbourhoods Forum + leaseholder group Customer Services Forum Communications Group

11 Co-ordinating Committee Chair plus one rep from each local group (4 + 4) Chair of each Special Interest Group Co- ordinating Committee

12 8412

13 Maintenance Group Repairs service Responsive repairs including appointments Planned maintenance Out-of-hours Improvements to homes Aids and adaptations to help people cope with disabilities Appointing suppliers

14 Customer Services Group Customer Service Centre and associated service standards Reception services Complaints Customer surveys and their feedback Ensuring services are tailored to meet diverse needs Customer service accreditations such as Customer Service Excellence

15 Neighbourhoods Group Anti-social behaviour Estate services Who we let our homes to and how? Managing empty homes Rents and service charges Arrears Tenancy conditions & tenancy support

16 Communications Group Take a lead on communicating co-regulation activities between groups and with other tenants Editorial input on tenant newsletters Website - is it accessible and useful to residents? Lead on the use of social media Annual report and value for money statements Consultations with non-involved customers Communication that meets diverse needs

17 Special interest sub groups Sub groups of these special interest groups might be formed where appropriate (including time limited task and finish groups), but representation on the co-ordinating committee will be limited to these four core Groups Leaseholder group shall be a sub-group of Neighbourhoods group

18 Membership Membership of the Special Interest Groups shall be open to all residents expressing an interest, subject to numbers remaining manageable (20 maximum?) Initial membership shall be agreed on a first come first serve basis, and a waiting list established for those not initially accepted onto the Group Membership subject to conditions set out in the Code of Conduct

19 Open to all Arrangements for how to apply for membership of these Special Interest Groups shall be published widely, including in newsletters, and on the website The Communications Forum shall take a lead in ensuring that methods for communicating how to apply are effective and inclusive

20 Equality and Diversity One of emh homes’ core values! Special interest groups must ensure they: treat all tenants with fairness and respect demonstrate an understanding and respond to the different needs of tenants

21 Frequency of meetings Meet at least 4 times a year Times/venues to be agreed by members

22 Role of the Chair Chaired by tenant/resident of emh homes who shall be elected by members of the group via a secret ballot Chair shall represent the group on the Co-Ordinating Committee No tenant/resident should be Chair of more than one group with representation on the Co-ordinating Committee The Chair should not be a member of the Scrutiny Panel

23 Support from staff The maintenance forum, neighbourhoods forum and customer services forum shall be supported from within emh homes’ teams emh group’s Communications Team will take a lead on supporting the Communications Forum

24 What happens next? Taster session today Sign up for membership! Next meeting elect a Chair – for one year initially … then for 3 years, followed by maximum of 3 more years Discuss terms of reference for each group – to be agreed by the Co-ordinating Committee and emh homes’ Board Help us get it right!

25 Thank you – any questions?

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