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Plymouth Independent Provider Voice Formerly known as Provider Forum Alan Leach.

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1 Plymouth Independent Provider Voice Formerly known as Provider Forum Alan Leach

2 Considered that the old IPF forum no longer fit for purpose as was set up for Supporting People Funded Services and Supporting People focus has and is changing. At old forum Supporting People was only common issue. Discussed challenges re diversity of providers in IPF and levels of workers e.g. Chief Executive or Director, Managers or frontline staff. Recognised lots of city forums but also some gaps e.g. learning disability Review

3 Concluded widening even further to generalised Health & Social Care would be more challenging. Felt group needs to be strategic – strategic post holders from organisations or mandate from your organisation to represent at this level. Better to focus on single issue meetings with a focus and speaker at each meeting in specific topics for providers and providers assess attendance if relevant. Invite relevant people and speakers, Supporting People / Plymouth City Council or NHS relevant only to the theme being discussed / presented. Also a method of consultation, feedback and influencing commissioners.

4 New separate groups can be set up if or where there are gaps needed by providers e.g. Learning Disability. Forum to look at common themes affecting all providers e.g. strategic direction commissioning of services. Providers need to get more engaged in process and if the themes more relevant then this should happen.

5 SUGGESTED THEMES FOR FIRST 2 MEETINGS COMMISSIONING: - to invite commissioners for example brief summary of overview of commissioning direction and 5 key city strategies that will determine the direction of travel for the city across Social Care and Health that will affect most service providers. CONTRACTS / PROCUREMENT – that Plymouth City Council / Health are invited to talk to providers about future contract culture, types of contracts – spot, block, etc so providers get a clear picture of what this may look like.

6 TERMS OF REFERENCE EXAMPLES Attendees must be from current Plymouth Service providers across health & social care spectrum. Attendees should be strategic post holders. Topics agreed at current meeting for future meetings by those present. Meet 4 times a year. That chair is elected for 1 year period and offer to re-stand. Role is to work in partnership, be ready for change and influence change. Forum is not linked or related to any other particular forum. Forum is independent and run by providers.

7 Why Bother An opportunity to hold strategic meetings that encompass Supporting People Health Social Care

8 An Opportunity to have a collective influence Feed into Regional Provider Forum As commissioning becomes more consortia focused it gives an opportunity to network Collective voice can affect change Opportunities to share knowledge training and resources in a time of austerity

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