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Revision Unit 4.

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1 Revision Unit 4

2 Exam Structure – Psychopathology – 24 marks
Schizophrenia One 24 mark essay question

3 Exam Structure – Psychology in Action – 24 marks
Media Two 10 mark questions One 4 mark question First question – Focusing on pos/neg effects of media/videogames Second question – Focusing on persuasiveness of media – i.e. models Third question – Theories/research on attraction of celebrities

4 Exam Structure – Research Methods – 35 marks
Short answer questions Answer all of them Spend roughly 40 minutes on each section

5 Biological Explanations for schizophrenia
Genetics Outline of theory One adoption study and one twin study Evaluative points – strengths and weaknesses related to research Dopamine hypothesis Research evidence Evaluative points - strengths and weaknesses related to research

6 Genetics - Adoption Studies
Sorri et al (2004) performed a longitudinal study over 21 years on Finnish adoptees with biological mothers with schizophrenia comparing them to adoptees whose biological mothers didn’t have schizophrenia. Also considered family rearing styles among adoptive families. Adoptees with a high genetic risk of developing schizophrenia were more sensitive to non-healthy rearing parents. Adoptees whose biological mothers did not have schizophrenia. Environmental factors are important too. What model is this? Diathesis-Stress Model: Individuals are seen as inheriting different levels of genetic predisposition to developing schizophrenia, with ultimately environmental triggers determining if individuals go on to develop schizophrenia. Is there are way we can further gain marks using this study? Finnish adoptees – cannot be generalised / what criteria did they use to decide healthy vs. non-healthy rearing styles etc.

7 Evaluation of Biological Approach
Humane approach; poses no blame on the individual or their families – states that the people who become ill are purely “unlucky” Tends to provoke little fear or stigma Effective treatments Well established scientific treatments Reductionist approach – Reference to Diathesis-Stress Model Animal studies Relies on self report Treats symptoms, not causes

8 Choose Two Psychological Explanations
Cognitive Behavioural Psychodynamic Sociocultural Outline the approach – then discuss research and strengths/limitations

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