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New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) Orientation and Overview.

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1 New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) Orientation and Overview

2 On line resource  er/induction.html

3 PURPOSE  By helping new teachers achieve their full potential, the New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) represents one aspect of Ontario’s vision of achieving high levels of student performance.  To provide fair, effective and consistent teacher evaluation in every school  To promote professional growth

4 LEGAL CONTEXT  Reg.98/02 Teacher Learning Plans  Reg. 99/02 (amended 2006)Teacher Performance appraisal  Ed Act s 265 Duties of Principal  Reg. 298 Duties of the Principal  OTC Act 1996 Reg. 437/438

5 Context for the NTIP: Streamlined Teacher Performance Appraisal Process for New Teachers  On June 1 st, 2006, the “Student Performance Bill” was passed by the Legislature which included provisions for NTIP  NTIP focuses on providing a wide range of supports for new teachers, including on-the-job training in areas such as classroom management and effective parent communication skills, mentoring, and orientation by the school and school board  Successful completion of NTIP requires two satisfactory ratings on teacher performance appraisals

6 Context  Teachers graduating from Faculties of Education will automatically receive their teaching certificate so long as they meet the OCT requirements  The NTIP, including the streamlined performance appraisal for new teachers, will assess actual teaching practices focussing on student success through feedback on performance and growth  Upon successful completion of the NTIP, the College will place a notation on the teacher’s certificate of qualification and the public register

7 WHO WILL APPRAISE  Principals/ vice principals  Supervisory officers if requested by the principal  SO must be involved if an unsatisfactory rating has been given to a teacher

8 NTIP: Streamlined Appraisal Process for New Teachers, Frequency Streamlined TPA process for new teachers  Two appraisals in the first 12 months of employment which, if both satisfactory, signify the successful completion of NTIP  If it is found during the first year that the teacher needs more support (i.e. one or more ratings is not satisfactory) the teacher has a second chance to complete the program in the second year of employment  At any time that the teacher accumulates two satisfactory appraisals during the first 24 months of employment the new teacher has successfully completed NTIP

9 FRAMEWORK  Standards for the teaching profession  Competencies  “Look fors”  Level of performance  Rating scale


11 Standards for the teaching profession Based on 5 identified standards developed from the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession  Commitment to students and student learning  Professional knowledge  Teaching practice  Leadership and community  Ongoing professional learning

12 Competencies  A set of competencies statements that define and describe the skills, knowledge and attitudes that teachers are required to meet as identified by the Standards of practice for the Teaching Profession

13 Performance Indicators “Look fors”  Statements that provide concrete examples of observable behaviours that are characteristic of a particular competency

14 NTIP: Streamlined Appraisal Process for New Teachers: Competencies and Look-fors Streamlined TPA process for new teachers  Eight competencies most relevant for new teachers highlighted as the minimum requirement for principals to comment on in the summative report. The eight competencies are a subset of the 16 competencies required for experienced teachers  In accordance with board policies, principals may comment on additional competencies  Forty-five look-fors highlighted for new teachers as examples of effective teaching practice and clarification that look-fors are a resource for principals and teachers



17 NTIP: Streamlined Appraisal Process for New Teachers Rating Scale Streamlined TPA process for new teachers Two-point rating scale in each appraisal for new teachers:  Satisfactory  Development Needed For a teacher who receives a Development Needed performance rating, the rating scale in subsequent appraisals is:  Satisfactory  Unsatisfactory


19 NTIP: Streamlined Appraisal Process for New Teachers Streamlined TPA process for new teachers  After a Development Needed rating an Enrichment Plan is developed by the principal with input from the teacher and in accordance with the board’s policy. The Enrichment Plan identifies the elements of NTIP offered by the board that are appropriate for the teacher to participate in to improve performance. The Induction Program is extended into Year Two  After an Unsatisfactory rating, the teacher is placed On Review status and an Improvement Plan is developed  No change to On Review process Process Following a Performance Rating That is Not Satisfactory



22 A rubric  describing evidence of teaching performance at each of three levels of performance for each competency




26 Enrichment Plan

27 Evidence Log  Regularly kept record of demonstrations of teaching  Entries restricted to facts so that the data is objective  Statements are samples only



30 Food For Thought New teachers want more than a job… They want hope. They want to contribute to a group. They want to make a difference. - Harry K. Wong

31 Food For Thought How we teach is ultimately a reflection of why we teach. - Elliot Eisner, 2006

32 What does NTIP mean to me as 1. A Pre service teacher? 2. An Occasional teacher ? 3. A Full time teacher ?

33 Questions??????????

34 Entry Plan A plan to get me started in my new job

35 What should be in my plan?  A clear communication strategy for contacting parents  Who are the key staff members that I can consult if I have questions?  How will I “connect” with both secretaries and janitorial staff  Knowledgeable about a student tracking computer program (preferably mark book)

36 What should be in my plan?  Ability to publish on the web i.e. maintain a web site  Knowledge of the IEP process and what it means for identified students  Well organized timelines for the courses you are going to teach  Know how to use a variety of assessment strategies

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