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Activity: Introducing Staff to Danielson’s Framework for Teaching

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1 Activity: Introducing Staff to Danielson’s Framework for Teaching
Participants will: brainstorm aspects of effective teaching understand the logic and structure of Danielson’s Framework for Teaching be introduced to the selected competencies and consider how they can support improved practice

2 Brainstorm: Effective Teaching
If you were to walk into the classroom of a highly effective teacher, what might you see or hear the teacher and the students doing? In other words, what does effective teaching look and sound like?

3 Create Categories: Share and sort your post-its into categories and agree on a label for each bucket. Label:___ Label:___ Label:___ Label:___ 3 3

4 Domain Focus— Adapted from Danielson’s Framework for Teaching
Planning and Preparation Professional Responsibilities Classroom Environment Instruction Professional responsibilities and behavior in and out of the classroom. What a teacher knows and does in preparation for teaching. All aspects of teaching that lead to a culture for learning in the classroom. What a teacher does to engage students in learning. 4 4

5 The Framework for Teaching
Domain 1: Planning and Preparation a. Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy b. Demonstrating Knowledge of Students c. Setting Instructional Outcomes d. Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources e. Designing Coherent Instruction f. Designing Student Assessments Domain 2: The Classroom Environment a. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport b. Establishing a Culture for Learning c. Managing Classroom Procedures d. Managing Student Behavior e. Organizing Physical Space Domain 3: Instruction a. Communicating With Students b. Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques c. Engaging Students in Learning d. Using Assessment in Instruction e. Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities a. Reflecting on Teaching b. Maintaining Accurate Records c. Communicating with Families d. Participating in a Professional Community e. Growing and Developing Professionally f. Showing Professionalism The Framework for Teaching Charlotte Danielson 5

6 Reflection What are the key aspects of effective teaching?
What opportunities can you see for improving your practice through use of a research-based rubric? Why do you think these competencies were selected?

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