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Springer PAM Vendor Update Session SLA 2013 Patricia Cleary Global eProduct Development Manager.

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1 Mobile @ Springer PAM Vendor Update Session SLA 2013 Patricia Cleary Global eProduct Development Manager



4 The growth in mobile consumption of online content is exploding Number of mobile subscriptions activated in 2011: 1.4 billion Total number of mobile subscribers worldwide (December 2012): 6 billion 3.8 billion in the developing world – that’s 73% of global subscriptions The total number of mobile subscribers worldwide exceeds subscriptions to all major online services including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Skype combined.

5 Mobile is a small but growing portion of SpringerLink traffic Mobile as % of Total Visits Mobile Visits to SpringerLink (Nov 2009 – Mar 2012) Mobile visits by Device (Feb 2010 vs Feb 2012) Android is growing to rival iPhone for phone visits iPad is the most popular mobile device

6 Springer’s mobile strategy: Springer’s content should be available to all online users, no matter where they are, no matter what device they are using to access the internet

7 What this means Mobile-optimized (HTML5) versions of our sites SpringerLink SpringerProtocols Native apps when appropriate iOS and Android For major journals/societies Select utilities/companion apps for books For more info about Springer’s growing list of mobile sites and native apps please visit: Mobile @ Springer

8 January 2013

9 Some nice benefits of the new SpringerLink

10 Our site is very, very fast

11 The new SpringerLink has tens of thousands more books

12 Our site is mobile-optimized



15 Springer mobile apps/sites launched 2011-2013

16 Springer’s Mobile Release Timeline Developer Portal NovDecJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecJan 2011 2012 SpringerLink app European Radiology app Intensive Care Medicine app New CSS for fulltext on SpringerLink SpringerImages app FractalPhoto app Mobile optimized version of SpringerProtcols API launched. The API powers most app development Bone Age app

17 SpringerImages app Released March 2011 View images and related text. Search image captions, keywords and references to refine search results. Bookmark images for later research. Email images to your friends and colleagues. Supports institutional and individual access models 3 Million+ tables and images 314K Open Access tables and images

18 Mobile-optimized website Released October 2011 Uses HTML5 Supports, iOS, Android and Blackberry Direct integration with existing SpringerProtocols database Supports all existing SpringerProtocols access models

19 Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Free in iTunes App Store Provides direct access to ChemReact Search chemicals by name or structure, browse molecules, conditions, properties and references Users can share structures and reactions via email or open them within other apps that support standard.mol or.rxn formats

20 SpringerLink iPhone/iPad app Released December 2012 Powered by the Springer API Free Provides search and discovery of all Springer and BioMed Central content Topical content notifications Social sharing Over 5 million documents 126k Open Access articles Full text access through SpringerLink for authentication and reporting

21 Papers Welcome to your personal library of research


23 Find out more about Papers and get your 30-day free trial:

24 Springer journal apps

25 Market Overview The “Journal app” is now a unique genre. Examples are common in Apple iTunes and Google Play:

26 2012: Springer built an App Development Framework App Development Framework Framework completed in Q4 2012 and first apps launched The app framework allows Springer to easily create iOS and Android apps for any journal

27 Q4 2012: Springer’s first Society Journal App Framework apps: Surgical Endoscopy Journal of Digital Imaging Society app features include: Icon and homepage society branding Society information page with link to society website Search/Advanced Search including by keywords, article title, author name, subject, and publication date Bookmarking Abstracts and full text reading Download and offline reading/viewing (PDFs, videos) Social connections (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

28 Benefits of new journal app framework Apps can be produced for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets simultaneously, meeting Springer’s growing need for apps on multiple platforms Apps for Springer journals including society journals Apps for Open Access journals Multi-journal apps Multiple apps can be built and deployed at the same time Faster turn-around time Improved analytics reporting Continuous framework improvement that can adjust to emerging mobile technology (Agile)

29 Emerging trends

30 Mobile growth::2016 higher speeds + more bandwidth = more mobile content discovery and usage Mobile data traffic more than doubled in 2011 and doubled again in 2012 By the end of 2012, the number of mobile-connected devices exceeded the number of people on earth, and by 2016 there will be 1.4 mobile devices per capita Mobile-connected tablets will generate almost as much traffic in 2016 as the entire global mobile network in 2012 Mobile connections speeds will increase 9-fold by 2016; higher speeds + more bandwidth = more mobile content discovery and usage

31 Mobile technology is changing rapidly. Stay flexible, watch the market, and make adjustments to the strategy when needed.

32 Thank You!

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