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Primary French PowerPoints When’s Your Birthday?.

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1 Primary French PowerPoints When’s Your Birthday?

2 janvier février mars avril mai juin juillet août septembre octobre novembre décembre

3 C’est quand, ton anniversaire
Mon anniversaire est en . . . janvier avril juillet octobre février mai août novembre mars juin septembre décembre

4 Joyeux Anniversaire !

5 Joyeux Anniversaire !

6 Teacher Notes PowerPoint 4 When’s Your Birthday?

7 1 Teacher Notes Use this slide to revise months of the year and ask children to group into birthday months. Click on the pictures or words to listen.

8 2 Teacher Notes Click on the question mark to listen to the question C’est quand, ton anniversaire? (When is your birthday?) and the arrow to hear the answer Mon anniversaire est en ... (My birthday is in ...) Children repeat.

9 3 Teacher Notes Click on the months and ask each birthday group to chorus Mon anniversaire est en ... plus their month.

10 4 Teacher Notes Play some games to help reinforce the new language.

11 5 Teacher Notes Tell children that Joyeux Anniversaire! means Happy Birthday! Click on this to hear both characters say it. Click on the each character to hear them say it on their own. Children repeat.

12 6 Teacher Notes Teach children the song Happy Birthday in French. Click on the sign to listen to some French children singing Happy Birthday.

13 7 Teacher Notes See the Primary French Worksheets pack
for worksheets that could be used with this presentation. All images in our presentations are licensed to us by and are copyrighted. Sound recorded at TEFL Audio, the UK’s leading language recording studios.

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