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Basic French Vocabulary

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1 Basic French Vocabulary
Mme DiMarco

2 Basic Salutations Bonjour - hello Au Revoir – goodbye Oui - yes Non – no Comment ça va (ça va)? – how is it going? Enchanté – nice to meet you S’il vous plait – please Merci – thank you Bienvenue – welcome

3 Useful phrases Je m’appelle _________ : my name is Comment t’appelles-tu? What is your name? J’ai _______ ans : I am _______ years old Quelle heure est-il? What time is it? Quelle est la date d'aujourd'hui? What is the date today? Puis-j ’aller a mon casier? Can I go to my locker? Puis-j ’aller aux toilettes? Can i go to the washroom?

4 Days of the week Lundi – Monday Mardi – Tuesday Mercredi – Wednesday
Jeudi – Thursday Vendredi – Friday Samedi – Saturday Dimanche – Sunday

5 Months of the year Janvier – January Février – February Mars – March
Avril – April Mai – May Juin – June Juillet – July Aout – August Septembre – September Octobre – October Novembre – November Décembre – December

6 How to say the date… Aujourd'hui c’est le 22 septembre, 2014

7 Numbers One – un Two – deux Three – trois Four – quatre Five – cinq Six – six Seven – sept Eight – huit Nine –neuf Ten – dix

8 Your Turn! Get into groups of 2-3 people
You will be presenting a different language to the class, a language that someone speaks at home  If you only speak english, you may join a different group and work with them on their presentation You will be expected to present 2 large chart papers to the class with vocabulary from that language Each member of the group must speak. I will be verifying all translations

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