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Charlotte’s Nativity Story.

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1 Charlotte’s Nativity Story

2 A long long time ago, in a city called Nazareth, an Angel named Gabriel told Mary and Joseph that Mary was going to have a baby and she would have to name it Jesus.

3 Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem on a donkey to be registered for Baby Jesus’ birth. Once they were there they looked around for a place to stay. They went because Caesar Augustus claimed that wherever you were born, your baby had to be registered there as-well.

4 When they arrived Mary and Joseph went to the innkeeper, but the inn was full. So the innkeeper said “Sorry, but you could try in the stable just over there.” Mary and Joseph went to the stable. A few minutes later there was a sound of crying and there in a tiny cradle lay baby Jesus.

5 While the shepherd was counting his sheep, Angel Gabriel came and told the shepherd that baby Jesus was born. So the shepherd and his sheep followed the bright, shining star.

6 The three wise men followed the bright, shining star from the east, leading them to Bethlehem. With them they bought wonderful gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the baby Jesus. They all got together and celebrated. The real meaning of Christmas is not about getting presents but it is about God sending down his only son to help guide us through life.

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