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The Nativity By Sophie.

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1 The Nativity By Sophie

2 An angel called Gabriel appeared to see Joseph and said this to him “Joseph son of David do not fear to take Mary as your wife for that which is conceived in her is from the holy spirit. She will bear a son and you shall call him Jesus”.

3 As soon as the angel had visited Joseph, he went and told Mary exactly what the angel said to him. Joseph and Mary needed to be registered but to do this they would have to go to Bethlehem, so that night they got on the donkey and travelled to Bethlehem.

4 Ok we will go and stay in the stable oh and thank you inn keeper you are a very kind man
Your welcome As soon as they had registered Mary and Joseph needed somewhere to stay, so Mary and Joseph went to an inn but the inn keeper told them there is no room at the inn. When Mary and Joseph started to walk away the inn keeper told them “you can stay in the stable on the field if you like, there is some animals there but at least you'll be warm” .”Ok we will go and stay in the stable oh and thank you inn keeper you are a very kind man”.

5 Joseph put the donkey with the other animals and then went into the stable when he went back in there lying in a manger was the little baby Jesus, Joseph couldn’t believe his eyes.

6 In the shepherds field the shepherd was counting his sheep like every other night but this night an angel appeared to the shepherd and told him that baby Jesus was born. The shepherd was surprised and couldn’t believe that this had happened so the shepherd set off to go and see Jesus.

7 The three wise men saw a star in the sky they decided to follow the star and when they followed it they took gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh when they followed the star it took them to baby Jesus.

8 The three wise men followed the star and it lead them to baby Jesus the shepherd also came to see baby Jesus the wise men gave Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh. Everyone loved baby Jesus.

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