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Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today Quality Standards in Youth Work A work in progress.

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1 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today Quality Standards in Youth Work A work in progress

2 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today Introduction  A brief introduction  Why implement a QF?  The process  The challenges  The framework  aim; ethos; structure; process; dealing with difficulties  Learning  Outcomes / benefits  The future

3 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today Why implement a quality framework?  YWI Strategic Priorities:  Organisational Development  Practice Development  “Promoting a culture of continuous improvement”  Government policy:  Youth Work Act 2001;  NYWDP 2003-2007 – “to put in place mechanisms for enhancing professionalism and ensuring quality standards in youth work”

4 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today QSF Development Process  A number of consultative panels of stakeholders i.e. young people, volunteers and frontline youth workers were established to inform, advise and support the development of the standards and the subsequent implementation of the framework.  The work of the consultative panels fed into and was overseen by a Quality Core Group, made up of youth workers, managers and Board members.  The development and implementation of the framework has been guided by the principles of volunteerism, participation and equality.

5 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today The Challenges  Logistics  A lengthy process  Allocation of resources  Practitioners  Sales Job  Bite-size pieces  Ethos

6 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today A work in progress  Evolving - we are all learning  A new area of work  For funders  For organisations implementing quality standards  For practitioners  it’s both a challenge and an opportunity  For young people  understanding it and accessing information on it.

7 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today The Framework  Measure, improve and maintain their performance  Develop systems of, and a culture of, continuous review  Involve young people in the planning, delivery and evaluation of services  Provide quality youth services to young people The Youth Work Ireland Quality Standards Framework aims to support organisations that are providing youth services to:

8 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today Ethos Developmental  The framework has been implemented as a developmental tool  The focus is on supporting the organisation to grow and improve through engagement in the assessment process.  In preparing for assessment the organisation develops a culture of reflection and of continuous improvement. Peer-Led Young people, Volunteers, Youth Workers, Managers and Administrators from throughout the organisation are central to the ongoing development and implementation of the framework.

9 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today Structure A comprehensive framework with 37 individual standards grouped into 4 Tranches (sections):

10 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today Assessment Process  Peer-Assessment - a team of youth work practitioners, managers, and administrators carry out the peer- assessment, verifying evidence to support the claims made in the self- assessment. There are three potential outcomes  Award Recommended;  Award Recommended Pending;  Award Not Recommended.  Quality Improvement Plan - regardless of outcome the organisation will come away with an action plan highlighting areas for ongoing development, growth and improvement. The assessment process has 3 phases:  Self-Assessment - the Local Youth Service engages the whole organisation in measuring itself against the standards

11 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today Dealing with difficulties Preparation = Prevention Right of reply Appeals process

12 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today Learning Challenges – Managing Growth – Recording Practice; – Mainstreaming Best Practice  Strengths  Participation  Programme design, implementation & review  Financial Management  Promoting positive images of young people  Organisational Development

13 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today Benefits  Regardless of the outcome of the assessment process, entering into the process has led to improvement & change within organisations  Inclusive preparation has strengthened organisations and has helped to imbed a culture of continuous improvement  The standards framework assists youth services in creating and communicating clear expectations and guidelines regarding youth work practice  The Youth Work Ireland Quality Standards Framework has informed and influenced the development of a national framework in Ireland

14 Tomorrow’s Ireland...Today Future  Review and development  The role of young people in the QSF?  QSF for clubs / projects  Progression – Minimum to Excellence  External Validation  Integration of Frameworks

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