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CULTURES in BOXES France - Turkey An e-twinning project.

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1 CULTURES in BOXES France - Turkey An e-twinning project

2 The Question Of Identites Who am I? Who are 'we'? Who are 'they'? ''Je est un autre!'' Arthur Rimbaud French child- poet 1854 - 1891

3 Important to me are........ People whom I love : * My best friend * Girls whom I have discovered this year in Externat Notre Dame because they are extraordinary * And my other friends * My family Smiling because if you smile life smiles Laughing because a day without laughing is a day lost Art : Music, drawing, photo… To be Different and Liberty

4 When I think of myself, I imagine... … I think I am an open minded girl, different from other people, an artist. I am a dreamer and I always raise my head to look at the sky, clouds and stars…

5 When I think of a group I feel I belong to, I imagine..... I think of my friends, of our burstss of laughters, of our conversations, of our private jokes. I think of holidays, of sun and sea… Lying, feet in the grass and head turned skyward.

6 …Having Fun and smiling Important to my group are...

7 Here is a poem I like Les sanglots longs Des violons De l'automne Blessent mon cœur D'une langueur Monotone. Tout suffocant Et blême, quand Sonne l'heure, Je me souviens Des jours anciens Et je pleure; Et je m'en vais Au vent mauvais Qui m'emporte Deçà, delà Pareil à la Feuille morte. Paul Verlaine (1844-1896 )

8 And drama I like This a special drama which can carry us into new atmosphere. When you arrived on the stage you feel you are travelling in Africa.

9 And something artistic I like Chrisopher Elliot is an American artist painter who paints trees. He is my uncle and I love his work.

10 When I think of other people, places, cultures and so forth, I imagine.....

11 Here is what I think when I imagine being at my school Learning lessons, working hard and having test but smile and fun with my friends !

12 And here is what I think well represents my city and region...

13 When I think of France, I think of..... Paris

14 When I think of other countries, I think of... … Africa : Gabon where I was born Moroco my favorite country Mali a contry where I dream to go

15 To finish my presentation for you all, I'd like to say... Life is a greatful gift ! Give your smile to everyone around you

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