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CULTURES in BOXES n°1 France - Turkey An e-twinning project.

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1 CULTURES in BOXES n°1 France - Turkey An e-twinning project

2 THE QUESTION OF IDENTITIES Who am I? Who are 'we'? Who are 'they'? ''Je est un autre!'' Arthur Rimbaud French child- poet 1854 - 1891

3 Important to me are........

4 When I think of myself, I imagine... That Later I will become a veterinary

5 When I think of a group I feel I belong to, I imagine …. A group with Friendly people Funny respect But a group without Judgment

6 Important to my group are....... Truth & Trust

7 Here is a poem I like Le Miroir Un homme épouvantable entre et se regarde dans la glace. "- Pourquoi vous regardez-vous au miroir, puisque vous ne pouvez vous y voir qu'avec déplaisir?" L'homme épouvantable me répond: "- Monsieur, d'après les immortels principes de 89, tous les hommes sont égaux en droits; donc je possède le droit de me mirer; avec plaisir ou déplaisir, cela ne regarde que ma conscience." Au nom du bon sens, j'avais sans doute raison; mais, au point de vue de la loi, il n'avait pas tort. Charles Baudelaire I like this poem as I think the man has a good answer! Even if he has not a good face he can look at himself in the mirror! Its a little funny

8 And drama I like Le malade imaginaire Les fourberies de Scapin Lécole des femmes Le bourgeois Gentilhomme All these plays are funny and I read the books

9 And something artistic I like I like the book Wuthering Heights as its an impossible love story between Heathcliff and Cathy but there is a part of darkness. Its an amazing story. And i love quotes of this book : « If all else perished and he remained I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger » And the film A walk to remember Its a love story between Landon a « bad » boy and Jamie a girl who has a leukaemia.Jamie manages to change him. When he learns that she will die soon he tries to realize a part of her dreams. Its a really beautiful film however its so sad

10 When I think of other people, places, cultures and so forth, I imagine................... Different religion history But everybody does what they want ! Its our right ! language belief

11 Here is what I think when I imagine being at my school I think of : The breaktimes with my friends Learning again and again Tests (but I dont like them) The afternoon when its the time I come back home

12 And here is what I think well represents my city and region..... My natives city Skiing the town center

13 When I think of France, I think of..... Paris and the Effel Tower Beautiful monuments cheese and cake

14 When I think of Turkey, I think of..... A beatiful country, monuments and paysage. Another religions I dont know anything of this country but when I saw a little film of it, I wanted to visit Turkey

15 To finish my presentation for you all, I'd like to say...................

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