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My holiday Mes vacances

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1 My holiday Mes vacances

2 Where do you spend your holiday? Où passes tu tes vacances ?

3 abroad/à l’étranger

4 At the seaside/Au bord de la mer

5 To the countryside/à la campagne

6 At home/à la maison

7 How long do you stay on holiday? Combien de temps restes tu en vacances ?
2 weeks 2 semaines One week Une semaine One month Un mois

8 Who do you go on holiday with? Avec qui vas-tu en vacances ?

9 With my family Avec ma famille

10 With friends Avec des copains

11 With a friend’s family Avec la famille d’un copain

12 How do you travel? Comment voyages-tu ?

13 By car En voiture

14 By bus En bus

15 By plane En avion

16 By train En train

17 Use the example(next slide) to tell your holiday
Use the example(next slide) to tell your holiday. Add opinions(see below). C’est super ! It’s great C’est nul…. It’s nul C’est loin…. It’s far C’est fatigant…. It’s tiring C’est ennuyeux….. It’s boring C’est génial ! It’s fantastic C’est le paradis ! It’s like heaven

18 Hi! I am spending my holiday with my family in Cannes in France, at the seaside. It’s far and the journey is exhausting. I always travel by car. But it’s sunny so it’s great! I am going to stay here for 2 weeks with my family. I love holidays. See you soon. Kisses Caroline.


20 What’s your favourite holiday? Quelles sont tes vacances préférées ?
Create a powerpoint presentation or a poster in order to describe your favourite holiday. It doesn’t have to be a real holiday. You can describe a place where you’d like to go. Use pictures and the words you have learnt.

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