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ABC Chemical Complex1 PIPELINE SPECIFICATIONS ABC Company ABC Chemical Complex Engineering Specifications.

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1 ABC Chemical Complex1 PIPELINE SPECIFICATIONS ABC Company ABC Chemical Complex Engineering Specifications

2 ABC Chemical Complex2 Scope Comparison u ASME/ANSI –Design –Materials –Construction –Assembly –Inspection –Testing –Operations –Maintenance –Safety u DOT 49CFR –Prescribes minimum safety requirements for pipeline facilities –Legal document enacted by Congress

3 ABC Chemical Complex3 Format Comparison u ASME/ANSI B31.4 –Scope & Definitions –Design –Materials –Dimensional Require. –Const., Weld, & Assb. –Inspection & Testing –O&M Procedures –Corrosion Control –Appendices u DOT 49CFR195 –A: General –B: Reporting Accidents –C: Design Requirement –D: Construction –E: Pressure Testing –F: O&M

4 ABC Chemical Complex4 Format Comparison: 31.8 vs 192 u ASME/ANSI B31.8 –Materials & Equipment –Welding –Pip Sys Comp & Fab –Design, Inst, and Test. –O&M Procedures –Corrosion Control –Miscellaneous –Offshore Gas Trans. –Appendices u DOT 49CFR192 –General –Materials –Pipe Design –Design of Pipeline Components –Welding of Steel –General Const. Req. –Req. for Corrosion Con –Test Requirements

5 ABC Chemical Complex5 Format Comparison: 31.8 vs 192 u See Previous Slide –Uprating –Operations –Maintenance

6 ABC Chemical Complex6 Engineering Specifications u Exceptions to Code Requirements – AS DEFINED: when Safety considerations in DOT 49CFR 192 or 195 demand tighter controls in ABC Engineering Specification than required in the governing design and construction Codes, i.e. ASME/ ANSI B31.4

7 ABC Chemical Complex7 Engineering Exceptions-Liquids u ABC Exceptions to ASME/ANSI B31.4 from DOT 49CFR195 Requirements –Subpart A »Definitions »Matter Incorporated by Reference u See “Finding Aids” in Appendix for DOT 49CFR »Compatibility necessary for transportation of hazardous liquids or carbon dioxide »Conversion to service »Responsibility of operator for compliance

8 ABC Chemical Complex8 Engineering Exceptions-Liquids –Subpart B, Reporting Accidents and Safety Related Conditions »Reporting Accidents and Safety Related Conditions u Reporting Accidents u Telephonic notice of certain accidents u Accident reports u Reporting safety-related conditions u Filing safety-related condition reports

9 ABC Chemical Complex9 Engineering Exceptions-Liquids –Subpart C, Design Requirements »Design Factor, Cold Expanded and Reheated Pipe u B31.4 –75% of the allowable stress as determined by para. 402.3.1(a), (b), or (c). [Maximum 0.72x0.75=0.54 u 195 –0.54 »195.120, Passage of Internal Inspection Devices u Not included in ASME/ANSI B31.4

10 ABC Chemical Complex10 Engineering Exceptions-Liquids –Subpart D, Construction »195.210, Pipeline Location u Minimum 12-inch cover within 50 feet of private dwelling or industrial building or place of public assembly. »195.234, Nondestructive Examination u 10% of all production welds for all stress levels. u 100% of all girth welds when installing used pipe. Minimum 90% in B31.4 u 100% for all tie in welds not hydrotested. Minimum 90% in B31.4

11 ABC Chemical Complex11 Engineering Exceptions-Liquids –Subpart D, Construction (Continued) »Cathodic Protection Systems u 31.4 & 195: Install with one year of commissioning u ABC: CP system to be commissioned with pipeline.

12 ABC Chemical Complex12 Engineering Exception-Liquids –Subpart E, Pressure Testing »General Requirements u Exclude –Interstate pipeline constructed before January 8, 1971 –Intrastate pipeline constructed before October 21, 1985

13 ABC Chemical Complex13 Engineering Exceptions-Liquids –Subpart F, Operations and Maintenance »195.406, Maximum Operating Pressure u Paragraph (a)(1)(i) refers to Appendix N, “Recommended Practice for Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines in Place”, ASME/ANSI B31.8, Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping. Appendix N is generic for all pipelines and DOT required a reference in this paragraph to establish criteria for maximum operating pressure. u 80% of test pressure=0.8 x 1.25 = 1.00 = design pressure »195.424, Pipeline Movement u Reduce pressure to 50% MAOP.

14 ABC Chemical Complex14 Engineering Exceptions-Gas u ABC Exceptions to ASME/ANSI B31.4 Due to 49CFR192 Requirements –Subpart A, General »Definitions u Administrator u Class locations u Incorporation by reference u Conversion to service subject to this part u Rules of regulatory construction

15 ABC Chemical Complex15 Engineering Exceptions-Gas –Subpart B, Materials »Transportation of pipe. (192.65) u Pipe with an outer diameter to wall thickness ratio of 70 to 1 or more may not be used in a pipeline to be operated at a hoop stress of 20% or more of SMYS if the pipe is transported by railroad.

16 ABC Chemical Complex16 Engineering Exceptions-Gas –Subpart C, Pipe Design »Class Location and Design Factor u 1. 0.72 (Same as B31.4) u 2. 0.60 (Safety Factor Increased by 20% from 1) u 3. 0.50 (Safety Factor Increased by 44% from 1) u 4. 0.40 (Safety Factor Increased by 80% from 1) »Previous editions of ASME/ANSI B31.8 used the term, “Population Density Index” with Construction Types A, B, C, and D. The Location Classes 1, 2, 3, and 4 have replaced the above in the definition of design, construction, testing, and operating require- ments.

17 ABC Chemical Complex17 Engineering Exception-Gas –Subpart D, Design of Pipeline Components »192.145, Valves u Valves must be hydrotested at least 1.5 times the maximum service rating. »192.150, Passage of internal inspection devices u Each new pipeline must be designed for intelligent pigging. u Operators may petition for approval to not comply. »192.153, Components fabricated by welding u Orange-peel bull plugs and/or swages are prohibited on ABC pipelines. u Flat closures and fish tails may not be used on piping that either operates at 100 psig or above or is >3” in diameter.

18 ABC Chemical Complex18 Engineering Exceptions-Gas –Subpart E, Welding of Steel in Pipelines »192.233 - Miter Joints u Miter joints are permitted in certain cases for DOT gas pipelines. u ABC specifications prohibit these joints, because restrictions are too difficult to follow and enforce in construction and maintenance welding activities. »192.243, Nondestructive testing u B31.4 allows 40% weld inspection in Location Class 3 and 75% in Location Class 4. DOT requires 100% or at least 90% if impractical.

19 ABC Chemical Complex19 Engineering Exceptions-Gas –Subpart G, General Construction Requirements for Transmission Lines and Mains »192.315, Wrinkle Bends in steel pipe. u Wrinkle bends are allowed on steel pipe operating at a pressure that produces a hoop stress of less than 30% SMYS. u Wrinkle bends are prohibited on ABC pipelines.

20 ABC Chemical Complex20 Engineering Exceptions-Gas –Subpart J, Test Requirements »192.505 & 192.619 u For Location Class 3 which includes all ABC gas transmission pipelines, DOT requires a test pressure equal to 1.5 times the maximum operating pressure. u ASME/ANSI B31.8 requires a test pressure equal to 1.4 times the maximum operating pressure.

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