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Company Presentation. ACelectric teem has a vast experience in the Romanian market and it is structured in two main departments : industrial automatization.

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1 Company Presentation

2 ACelectric teem has a vast experience in the Romanian market and it is structured in two main departments : industrial automatization ; distribution of electric, pneumatic and electronic equipments. Our company offers the following main services : complete solutions in all kind of projects simple or complex established in different types of markets: solution, implementation and maintenance full implementation for safety needs distribution and development of applications (software, PLC etc.) at customer requirements.

3 Photoelectric sensors Inductive/capacitive sensors

4 A photoelectric sensor, or photo eye, is a device used to detect the distance, absence, or presence of an object by using a light transmitter. They are used extensively in industrial manufacturing. There are three different functional types: opposed (through beam), retro-reflective, and proximity-sensing (diffused). Photoelectric sensors offer precise optics and advanced technology in a miniature housing. Despite their small size, they are exceptional solutions for applications in automototive, packaging, material handling, food and beverage processing and many more industries.

5 An inductive sensor is an electronic proximity sensor, which detects metallic objects without touching them. Inductive sensors are used to manage, position, and control processes in automation technology. The robust sensors detect objects in metalworking. Benefits : contact-free, wear-free, dirt-resistant, short-circuit-resistant available in designs from 3 mm Ø to 80x80 mm block style Capacitive sensors detect most objects and the fill level of non-conductive materials, liquids, pellets, and powders directly or through a non-metallic container wall. Benefits : non-contact, wear-free, bounce-free output signal detects objects regardless of material, color or texture and hidden or inaccessible


7 Safety Switches are required for position monitoring and for the protection of personnel and systems. They are predestined for guarding machines and systems in which process or production interruptions are, in principle, possible or may be necessary. Can be divided in three main categories : Electro-mechanical safety switches Non-contact safety switches Safety command devices Safety relays are ideal for flexible, cost-effective machine integration. Safety solutions from single-channel emergency stop pushbuttons to safety laser scanners with PNP outputs – can be connected using safety relays

8 Safety light curtains Detecting, measuring, inspecting or counting objects in two dimensions are typical tasks for automation light grids. Whether you need to detect letters, small parts, packages, persons or pallets, application can be done. Wherever man and machine work "hand in hand", safety light curtains can be used vertically as hand and finger protection, as access guarding as well as horizontally as area protection. Safety mats are safety devices for protection of large-sized danger areas. Safety mats are produced in accordance to customer specifications using sensor elements. Safety Rails consist of a hollow-chamber rubber profile with an integrated sensor element. A signal is generated in the controler by an actuating force acting on the safety rail.


10 Programmable logic controllers The SIMATIC controller portfolio ranges for logic modules for simple control tasks, to the classic modular PLCs, all the way to PC-based control, even in the especially robust Embedded variant. There are SIMATIC controllers for smaller automation tasks as well as for highly complex system solutions HMI – Human Machine Interface SIMATIC HMI is engineered to meet the increasingly complex processes of your machines and systems. SIMATIC HMI is optimized to meet your specific human machine interface needs using open and standardized interfaces in hardware and software, which allow efficient integration into your automation systems. I/O-SYSTEM is a flexible fieldbus-independent solution for decentralized automation tasks. With the relay, function and interface modules, as well as overvoltage protection, WAGO provides a suitable interface for any application.


12 Grinding technology Robot applications - processing material using a robot poses the highest demands on the spindle system used. Our focus is on absolute precision. High-frequency spindles are the right choice as far as weight, interfering contours and bearing rigidity are concerned. Tool and mold construction Conductor boards -The manufacture of conductor boards is a very complex sequence of production steps which must be coordinated exactly with each other. One of the most the separation of the conductor boards processed in a compound structure. It must be intelligently linked with the directly connected steps "testing" and "sorting".


14 We offers all kind of pneumatic products. From cylinders, valves, air treatment to all kind of pneumatic accessories. Develops suitable, compact and economical automation solutions which allow you to reduce your production costs whether in the telecommunications, electronics manufacturing, automotive technology industry. Applications examples: Applying labels to the PCB - reliable vacuum generators for picking up the labels and electric handling systems for precise positioning Applying solder paste to the PCBs - automation systems for pre-tensioning PCBs to scraper control Sealing components with adhesive or protective coating - accurate dispensing application thanks to precise electric drive solutions


16 In the field of power supplies, A&C Electric offers complete system solutions from a single source. Our product portfolio includes a complete range of products, from simple transformers through to battery-backed, redundant, intelligent power distribution systems. Coupling modules from Conec can disconnect, switch, or convert voltage - even where space is at a premium. Our product portfolio comprises a variety of relay and optocoupler modules that use the practical terminal block format. Our analog transformers and temperature converters are specially designed for applications in the field of process measuring and control technology.

17 In the field of sensor/actuator connectivity, A&C Electric offers you an extremely wide range of cable types and colors. M8/M12 round plugs are quick and easy to install to fit with a torque wrench. Valve connectors from Conec are designed for all types of valves. They are fitted with captive seals and have an integrated LED and protection circuit. Passive distribution systems from Conec provide solutions for complex fault-prone wiring in the field terminal boxes. Our distributors with plastic or metal housings are universally installable. All passive distributors are pretested. Continuously plugged and pre- terminated cables make the wiring of sensors and actuators quick and easy. Distributors from A&C Electric help you to significantly reduce your installation and maintenance costs.

18 AC_electric it is a company where people have a lot of experience in automotive industry and can provide you a solution in any problem. AC_electric improved itself for gaining more and more costumers especially in the automotive industry which is one of the most developed markets in our country. Companies like : Autoliv, Continental, Ina Schaeffler etc



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