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Chapter 15: Treatment of Psychological Disorders.

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1 Chapter 15: Treatment of Psychological Disorders

2 Types of Treatment Psychotherapy –Insight therapies “talk therapy” –Behavior therapies Changing overt behavior –Biomedical therapies Biological functioning interventions

3 Who Seeks Treatment? 15% of U.S. population in a given year Most common presenting problems –Anxiety and Depression Women more than men Medical insurance Education level Stigma

4 Figure 15.2 Therapy utilization rates

5 Figure 15.3 Psychological disorders and professional treatment

6 Who Provides Treatment? Clinical psychologists Counseling psychologists Psychiatrists Clinical social workers Psychiatric nurses Counselors

7 Insight Therapies: Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and followers –Goal: discover unresolved unconscious conflicts Free association Dream analysis Interpretation –Resistance and transference

8 Figure 15.4 Freud’s view of the roots of disorders

9 Insight Therapies: Client-Centered Therapy Carl Rogers –Goal: restructure self-concept to better correspond to reality –Therapeutic Climate Genuineness Unconditional positive regard Empathy

10 Figure 15.5 Rogers’s view of the roots of disorders

11 Behavior Therapies B.F. Skinner and colleagues –Goal: unlearning maladaptive behavior and learning adaptive ones –Systematic Desensitization – Joseph Wolpe Classical conditioning Anxiety hierarchy –Aversion therapy Alcoholism, sexual deviance, smoking, etc. –Social skills training Modeling Behavioral rehearsal Shaping

12 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Aaron Beck –Goal: to change the way clients think –Detect and recognize negative thoughts –Reality testing –Kinship with behavior therapy

13 Figure 15.10 Beck’s view of the roots of disorders

14 Biomedical Therapies Psychopharmacotherapy –Antianxiety - Valium, Xanax, Buspar –Antipsychotic - Thorazine, Mellaril, Haldol Side effects = symptoms of –Tardive dyskinesia –Parkinson’s Disease Clozapine = newer, less side effects


16 Biomedical Therapies Psychopharmacotherapy, cont. –Antidepressant: Tricyclics – Elavil, Tofranil Mao inhibitors (MAOIs) - Nardil Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) – Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft –Mood stabilizers Lithium Valproic acid Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

17 Figure 15.12 Antidepressant drugs’ mechanisms of action

18 Current Trends and Issues in Treatment Managed care Empirically validated treatments Blending Approaches to treatment Multicultural sensitivity Deinstitutionalization –Revolving door problem –Homelessness

19 Figure 15.15 Declining inpatient population at state and county mental hospitals

20 Figure 15.16 Percentage of psychiatric inpatient admissions that are re-admissions

21 Chapter 15: Treatment of Psychological Disorders

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