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APA Tutorial Part I: Formatting your paper

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1 APA Tutorial Part I: Formatting your paper

2 Introduction to APA formatting
Before you begin: Use 8½ X 11 inch paper 12 point, New Times Roman, or similar font 1-inch margins on all sides Double-space your text Publication Manual of the APA (5th ed.) Hint: You may want to familiarize yourself with how to make these changes to your paper in Microsoft Word.

3 Insert Word scans here Examples: Page layout
Notice the page size, the 12-point Times New Roman font, the double spacing, and the 1 inch margins.

4 Your affiliation (school, etc)
Title page Use a “running header” (see example next page) The first page is your title page. Centered in the middle of the Title page is the following information: Title of Document Your name Your affiliation (school, etc)

5 Example: Title Page Here is a screen shot of an appropriate title page, with running head, page number, and title.

6 Paragraphs and Numbering pages
Indent the first line of each paragraph by five to seven spaces (or use the easy way: hit the tab button) Do not add an extra line (by hitting enter) between paragraphs; your paper is double-spaced to do this for you Number pages consecutively, starting w/ title page as page 1 Number goes in the Header, located at the far right of the page (see example) Hint: In Word 97-03, if you go to “View”, then “Headers and Footers”, then “Insert page numbers”, Word will insert your page numbers for you (in Office 2007, go to Insert, then Page number)

7 Below is an example of how the page numbering should look, beginning on page 1
Example: Page numbers Notice the abbreviated title of the paper in the header as well.

8 Spacing and Punctuation
Place one space after each of the following forms of punctuation: Commas, colons, and semicolons At the end of a sentence Periods that separate parts of a reference citation Periods of the initials in personal names (e.g. T. A. Bowman) Most commonly used punctuations in APA style: Quotation marks Periods Commas Semicolons

9 Spacing and Punctuation
Example: Spacing and Punctuation Notice the one space between sentences and following each comma, period, colon, semi- colon, and hyphen.

10 Headings Levels of heading p113

11 Reducing Bias in Language

12 Numbers p122

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