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Class Dictionary WebQuest Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits.

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1 Class Dictionary WebQuest Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits

2 Introduction This WebQuest is designed to help students on the 3 rd grade level expand their vocabulary knowledge. It will be a single student effort that will be fun and challenging. Students will also further their knowledge of computer skills by searching the internet for information, using Microsoft Word and get a beginning glimpse at using Microsoft Excel.

3 Task You will be choosing a list of 20 vocabulary words that we have not covered in class this year and defining them in your own words. You will type your finished list in Microsoft Word, print it and turn it into me. I will compile the lists into a dictionary that I will bind and pass out to the class. Use these four websites to find your words: (click on Build Your Own Dictionary to browse)

4 Process Students will work separately on the project. 1. 1. Go to the provided websites after you are assigned a letter of the alphabet. 2. 2. Pick 20 words that begin with that letter. These should be words that we have not gone over in class. 3. 3. Once you have your list of words, read the definition and then define it in your own words based on what you have read. 4. 4. Include parts of speech and how to pronounce the word with your definition. 5. 5. Type all of this in Microsoft word. Make the vocabulary words bold-faced and underlined. Use italics for the pronunciation and put in parenthesis. Type your definitions after this. Be sure to type everything in 12 point Times New Roman font so everyone’s pages look the same. 6. 6. Compose a sentence with every word and type under the definition in italics. 7. 7. Use Microsoft Excel to create a word jumble. Additional instructions on how to do this part of the project will be talked about and demonstrated in class.

5 Evaluation EvaluationBeginning1Developing2Accomplished3Exemplary4Score Word Selection Understands the definition & demonstrates it Computer Skills Spelling and Grammar Total:

6 Conclusion After completing this project you should know 20 new words and be able to use them in daily conversation if called for. You should be familiar with at least 600 new words after receiving your copy of the class dictionary. Students will also have expanded their knowledge of Microsoft Word and got beginning idea of how to use Microsoft Excel while participating in this WebQuest.

7 Credits The only websites used to create this WebQuest are the ones previously listed in the Task slide and The Class Dictionary WebQuest was designed by Aerin Walters, student in Elementary Education at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

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