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Epi Info Software for Public Health For Microsoft Windows®

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1 Epi Info Software for Public Health For Microsoft Windows®

2 Contents Definitions What is Epi Info for Windows? What can you do with it? Who uses Epi Info? Database Concepts Future possibilities References

3 What is Epi Info for Windows? Free software for public health professionals to create, manage, and analyze databases to produce epidemiologic results A tool for epidemic investigation, studies, surveillance, research, and education A standards-based introduction to computing in the Windows environment

4 What Can You Do With Epi Info? Quickly make a questionnare, enter, and process data from an investigation, study, or clinic Produce lists, tables, and epidemiologic statistics as web pages from data in Access, Epi Info, and 20 other database formats Develop analysis and data management programs interactively, store and run them, or develop permanent menu applications for others to use Save programs for later use Make graphs and maps from data

5 1.Features of Epi Info for Windows Built around Windows and Internet Standards – Microsoft Access Database Files – Web-browser (HTML) Output – ArcView-compatible Map Files Database constructed automatically from questionnaire view Reads, writes, and analyzes files in 20+ formats Epidemiologic statistics for descriptive and comparative studies, including odds ratios, risk ratios, exact confidence limits, Fisher and mid-p exact tests, logistic regression, Kaplan-Meier survival analysis, and Cox proportional hazards

6 2.Features of Epi Info for Windows Many graphs per page from a single command ArcView compatible geographic information system Flexible, programmable menu Non-English language versions

7 3.Features of Epi Info for Windows 128-bit encryption, zipping File comparison for double data-entry validation Report generator Aggregate functions (min, max, avg, sum, count)

8 Who Uses Epi Info? Over 1,500,000 copies downloaded since 1998 669,000 web pages contain “Epi Info,” “EpiInfo,” or “Epi-Info” or “Epi_Info” 180 countries

9 Kinds of Data Free format--Printed materials, images, written documents, web pages Structured—Databases, spreadsheets, rows and columns

10 Database Lingo--Definitions Form or questionnaire corresponds to database structure The data – Record or instance Variable or Field Data value

11 Epi Info Concepts The database is designed by building a questionnaire or form. The questionnaire and database design are stored in a table called a View Rows and columns of data are stored in a Data table corresponding to the View Views are made in a special program—MAKEVIEW The ENTER program makes a data table, if none exists, and allows entry of as many records as desired

12 What is a Project or MDB File? A Microsoft Access (MDB) file containing one or many View Table/Data Table pairs A handy way to keep related items (an epidemic or surveillance system) together May include Analysis programs (PGMs) or they can be stored separately as text files

13 A Project (MDB) File

14 Levels of Computer Use Interactive Programming Application Development

15 Future Possibilities Microsoft.NET version now being developed at CDC Expansion of OpenEpi statistical calculators on the web (Now at Data entry and storage completely on the web, via all common browsers Sharing of data through web storage (and enhanced security)

16 References Install Epi Info from Helpline email Other info at OpenEpi is at Send comments and suggestions to Helpline My email is

17 And Now to the Demo….

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