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DPS Educator Effectiveness: Stakeholder Engagement Lessons Learned February 6, 2013.

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1 DPS Educator Effectiveness: Stakeholder Engagement Lessons Learned February 6, 2013

2 1.Understand the importance of a stakeholder engagement strategy surrounding educator effectiveness work. 2.Identify opportunities to engage stakeholders in the coming year. 3.Leave with tools and resources to help you develop an engagement plan for the coming year. Objectives

3  Overview of LEAP/ Stakeholder Engagement  Lessons Learned  Activity  Q&A Agenda

4 Our Vision: Every Child Succeeds 4

5 DPS Priorities We will use frameworks, coaching, feedback and professional development to support educator growth. We will implement new standards using rigorous and culturally relevant curriculum, instruction and assessments. We will strengthen our systems and practices for ELLs and other diverse learners. We will provide equitable and differentiated supports and interventions by sharing best practices, piloting new ways to improve. Help our Educators Grow Shift our Teaching Practices with Students Improve the Outcomes of Linguistically Diverse Students Differentiate Support to Schools 5

6 Design, feedback, pilot, adjust 6 Partner with DCTA Focus on professional growth Engage educators Solicit feedback Engage Parents Superintendent Parent Forum 5 times since May 2010 Leverage Teacher Leaders 2010 – 2014

7 The LEAP System 7 Peer Observations & Feedback School Leader Observations & Feedback Professional Growth Plans Professionalism Ratings & Feedback Student Perception Survey Data Mid-Year & End-of-Year Conversations School Measures State Measures Student Learning Objectives* DPS Framework for Effective Teaching 7 * Piloting in 2013-14; plan to launch district-wide 2014-15 Professional Learning

8 Turn and Talk What does “stakeholder engagement” mean to you?

9 Key Learning

10 Involve the Union Design together Union seat at the table Union outreach support

11 Engage them in design/refinement Ask for input on implementation Think about channels to reach them (focus groups, faculty meetings, etc.) Engage Educators Early Most important: Where do you want their voice, how will you engage them, what will you do with their input?

12 DPS Framework for Effective Teaching

13 13 Professionalism

14 Avenues to share information, keep the field informed Channels through which people can share feedback Two-way communication channels (dialogue) Solicit Feedback DCTADesign Teams Surveys/ Focus Groups Faculty Meetings Teacher Leaders LEAP Hotline & Website Newsletters, Websites Union Liaison/ Outreach Managers

15 Focus on Professional Learning Start early Input from teachers on what they need Existing or new resources

16 Responding to feedback Communicate clearly with practitioners about what can and cannot be changed, and why Can/Cannot Be Changed

17 Owners and advocates of the system Deliver training Resource for other teachers Differentiated roles pilot where teachers are also observers/ evaluators Teacher Leadership

18 Owners and advocates of the system Establishing accountability/ behavior change Actively include their teams in trainings Instructional Superintendents

19 How will you engage stakeholders? What’s Next

20 Begin planning:  Where do you want teacher and school leader voice to influence how you implement educator effectiveness in your district?  How will you communicate updates, changes, training, etc.? (in-person, focus groups, email, through leaders, etc.)  How will you use the feedback you receive? (only ask about what can be changed)  What is one action you want to take to engage your stakeholders? Activity

21 Engagement Toolkit CommunicationFeedback Planning Training

22 Questions?


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