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The Internet is Forever

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1 The Internet is Forever
Part III: Cyber Bulling

2 What is Cyber Bullying? Using computers, cell phones, the Internet, text messaging, , FaceBook, Twitter, or any other technology to intimidate, threaten, or hurt others.

3 Examples of Cyber Bullying
Spreading Rumors. Posting negative comments about others. Posting embarrassing photos. Sending negative text messages. Teasing through Facebook or other social networking websites. Recording embarrassing moments of others and then posting the clip and/or commenting about the clip. Threatening someone with harm online or via text. Cyber stalking.

4 Examples of Cyber Bullying
Teasing Through Facebook or Other Websites.

5 Examples of Cyber Bullying
Leslie’s Story Leslie’s Facebook account was hacked by a former friend. Her former friend gave her devil horns on her pictures, called her names, and asked strangers to call her. Police found out and prosecutors charged the former friend with a crime. Her friend is now serving 6 months of probation, 20 hours of community service, and can only use a computer if she is supervised.

6 Examples of Cyber Bullying
Sending Negative Text Messages. What is a negative text message? Is forwarding messages cyber bullying? Why?

7 Examples of Cyber Bullying
Posting Embarrassing Photos. Would you want this photo posted? Why is this bullying?

8 Threatening Someone. Example?
Cyber Bullying Threatening Someone. Example?

9 Cyber Bullying It can happen to anyone. Who is doing it?
42% of kids have been bullied online 35% of kids have been threatened online 58% of kids admit someone has sent a mean or hurtful thing to them online Who is doing it? 53% of kids admit having said something mean or hurtful to someone else

10 Free Speech or Cyber Bullying?
What is the difference between free speech and cyber bullying? Think of some examples of free speech. Is what you are saying meant to frighten, intimidate, or cause distress by someone else or a group of people? If the answer is “Yes” then it is not protected free speech, it is harassment, and is cyber bullying that can get you in trouble.

11 Consequences of Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying can get you in trouble with your parents, your school, or even the Police! Every school has an anti-bullying policy. If you violate that policy, you can be subject to discipline. State law says that harassment is illegal and if you harass someone you can be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Harassment means: knowingly frightening, intimidating, or causing emotional distress to another person by anonymously making a telephone call or any electronic communication (Mo.Rev.Stat ).

12 Consequences of Cyber Bullying
Megan’s Story: In year old Megan Meier committed suicide after a fight on an instant messenger with “Josh,” someone she met on the Internet. “Josh” was really the mother of one of Megan’s classmates, Lori Drew, who created “Josh” to find out if Megan was a true friend to her daughter. Megan thought that “Josh” rejected her after the fight and she committed suicide. Megan’s family pressed criminal charges against those involved. Because of Megan and what happened to her because of cyber bullying, every school has an anti-bullying policy that includes cyber bullying and all incidents of bullying must be reported.

13 Consequences of Cyber Bullying

14 Cyber Bullying WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT?

15 CYBER BULLYING What if you are being cyberbullied?
Tell your parents or another adult. De-friend or block the bully. Ignore the cyber bully and get offline. Shut down your profile, website, chat program, etc. or enhance your privacy settings and “block” the bully. Change your screen name, profile name, gamer handle, etc.

16 Cyber Bullying Are you being a Cyber Bully? Ask yourself:
Would I say this in person? Am I sharing something that is private? Could this be misunderstood as something harassing? Would I want someone saying this to about me?

Cyber Bullying Conclusions Once you post it, you can’t take it back. If you are a cyber bully, you can get in trouble with your parents, your school, even the Police! If you are being bullied, tell someone. THE INTERNET IS FOREVER

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