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Sociology & the Social Sciences: One big, happy family

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1 Sociology & the Social Sciences: One big, happy family

2 So what’s the deal? Sociology is… A SOCIAL SCIENCE
That studies human behavior And social interaction …And social science is… Discipline of study that focuses on human social behavior and the functions of human society in a scientific manner

3 Why study Sociology??? It helps you gain a NEW perspective on yourself AND the world around you. Why is that important? Balance between individual self and being a member of society.

4 Sociology + _________ = <3
Sociology is closely related to other branches of social science including Anthropology Psychology Economics Political Science History

5 Anthropology Compares past and present cultures.
Of all the social sciences, it’s the most similar to Sociology.

6 Psychology Studies thinking and behavior of organisms.
Focuses on individual behavior. Soc focuses on group behavior. Social psychology: studies how the social environment affects individual behavior & personality

7 Economics Studies choices people make to satisfy their wants and needs. As in, what they buy. Studies the processes by which goods/services are produced, distributed and consumed.

8 Political Science A fancy term for…..
Areas of overlap include studying: voting patterns, concentration of political power, and forming politically based groups.

9 History Studies past events!
Sociologists study the past in order to explain current social behaviors & attitudes

10 Social Sciences and Juvenile Delinquency
How would each SS study it? Historians Political Scientists Economists Anthropologists Psychologists How about sociologists?

11 …And Sociology fits into this how?
Sociology as its own discipline didn’t develop until the 1800s (19th century) Contributing factors Social and political changes in Europe Industrial Revolution Rapid urbanization Society was obviously having an effect on the individual. So some guys start thinking…and… Industrial Revolution: urban  rural shift, cottage industry large-scale production…remember 9th grade World History? B. Rapid urbanization creates problems Unemployment, housing shortage, crime, pollution


13 And now… Let’s talk about some FAMOUS DEAD DUDES (and one lady)
We’re going to take a look at the granddaddies of sociology. Most of the early theorists were men. There are PLENTY of contemporary female sociologists and social theorists. We’ll get there. 

14 FDD Fest 2011! Ms. Rogers will split you into groups.
Your group will choose to create a poster on one of the following FDDs: Auguste Comte Harriet Martineu Herbert Spencer Karl Marx Emile Durkheim Max Weber

15 FDD Fest 2011! For each FDD: Make a poster that gives an overview of the man, his ideas, and why he matters. Include important vocab or terminology. Affix the provided FDD portrait. Use the textbook p Each group will present their poster. Make ‘em pretty! Ready, steady, GO!

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