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My Morning Routine By Archie.

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1 My Morning Routine By Archie

2 My Morning Routine Go into the bathroom Get up Wash hands
Flush the toilet Wake up Alarm clock rings

3 My Morning Routine Make breakfast Brush teeth Leave the house
Eat breakfast Comb hair Get dressed

4 My Morning Routine

5 Time-order Transition
First,……Then,……Finally,…… First,……Then,……Also,…… Finally,…… First,……Then,……Next,…… After that,……Finally,……

6 My Morning Routine My alarm clock rings in the early morning. First, I wake up and get out of bed. Then, I go into the bathroom. After using the toilet and flushing it, I wash my hands, brush my teeth and comb my hair. After that, I get dressed. Then, I eat breakfast and drink my milk. Finally, I leave the house and ride my bike to school.

7 My Morning Routine

8 My Day By Archie

9 Check all the activities you do almost every day.
□ wake up early □ wake up late □ get up □ go to bed early □ go to bed late □ wash my face □ brush my teeth □ take a shower □ take a bath □ read □ go to school □ go to cram school □ go home after □ play computer games □ play with my friends □ use internet □ play cards □ listen to music □ watch TV □ call friends □ have English /math/PE class □ study English/Chinese □ play dodge ball /basketball □ make breakfast /lunch/dinner □ eat breakfast □ eat snacks □ do homework □ do housework □ buy drinks □ play/fight with my sister/brother

10 The activities you do at different times during the day.
In the morning Get up early Eat breakfast Go to school At noon or in the afternoon Eat lunch Take a nap Have PE class In the evening and at night Do homework Eat dinner Watch TV Help my sister

11 Use the phases from the column to complete the sentences.
In the morning I wake up early in the morning. . At noon / In the afternoon I eat lunch with my classmates at noon. In the evening / At night My dad drives me home after school.

12 Read the Story In the morning as the sun is rising, my alarm clock wakes me up. I get up and go to the bathroom. I wash my face and brush my teeth. I eat breakfast and drink my milk before I go to school. I say hello to my teachers and friends. I go into my classroom, and get ready for class. I have English and Math classes in the morning. Sometimes I play dodge ball with my friends while others go to the playground to play on the swings and slides. We have lots of fun.

13 Read the Story I eat lunch at noon, and then take a break. I have Computer and Music classes in the afternoon. My friends and I like to play computer games and then I practice my flute. I go home after school. I do my homework and read my favorite books. I eat dinner with my family and tell them about my day. After dinner, I like to watch TV and then get ready for bed. I say goodnight to my mom and dad, and go to bed. I have my own bedroom. Before I go to sleep, I read for a little while. Then I turn out the light. Good night!

14 My Day

15 My Day

16 My Day

17 I have a busy day. How about you?

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