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What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

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1 What you don’t know CAN hurt you!
SMART Surfing What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

2 Be SMART when socializing, shopping, working or playing online:
You are responsible for the quality of your online experience You are responsible for the choices you make about sites you visit and information you share You are responsible for the consequences when you fail to be SMART online.

3 Be SMART online It’s Safer to keep your personal information personal
Meet online acquaintances with a trusted adult along Accept , photos, videos, and texts from people you already know in the real world Check the Reliability of all online offers before acting upon them Tell a trusted adult if you have any doubts about anyone or anything online

4 Be SMART about sharing personal information online
Personal information is your full name, phone number, address, school name/location, social security number, and photos of you or your family NEVER give your password to ANYONE. Sites that make you log in HAVE your password, they won’t ask for it – and remember, sometimes your “friends” don’t stay friends, so don’t share passwords EVER. Remember that ANYTHING you post online will be out there forever!

5 Be SMART about meeting people you’ve only chatted with online
People you chat with online are still strangers even if you’ve been chatting for a long time Predators will tell you EXACTLY what you want to hear to get you to meet them Only arrange to meet people from online sites when a trusted adult can be there too Anyone who suggests you meet them without an adult present, or offers to bring an adult friend instead of you having someone there, is probably hiding something from you.

6 Be SMART about accepting things from the web on your PC
Most of the viruses that destroy your technology come in harmless-looking s, texts, photo or video files Don’t accept mail from any unknown address – especially if it has attachments Use your head – if you didn’t ask for information about something, it’s SPAM

7 Be SMART about checking up on the 411 online
Anyone can represent as anything online People can and will lie about themselves to gain your trust, then cause virtual or actual harm to you or your equipment Always check up on ANY information you receive from virtual friends, and try to limit chatting and friending to people you know in the real world

8 Be SMART about checking the reliability of online offers:
If it seems too good to be true, it is probably a lie NO ONE gives you something for nothing online or in most other places – Compare to a mall – ever have a stranger run up to you and offer you some fantastic free item just for walking into a store? Companies DO NOT pay people just for logging into their sites or forwarding an

9 Be SMART about reporting abuse
If anything or anyone you see online is making you uncertain, uncomfortable, or worried, tell a trusted adult Report any abuse you encounter on social networking sites Stick to the rules yourself – don’t be the person everyone “un-friends” for your poor online personality

10 Be SMART online If you wouldn’t do it in the REAL WORLD, you shouldn’t do it in the virtual world!

11 Be SMART on your Smart Phone
Follow all the same internet access rules on your phone that you follow on your computer. Watch what you TEXT – others may see it. PAY ATTENTION, make sure you’re texting the correct person. If you make a point of NEVER saying cruel or hurtful things, you won’t have to worry about being embarrassed by your words later.

12 Stop & Think Before You Snap & Post
An app might delete your photo in 10 seconds, but that is MORE than enough time for anyone to capture it, and then it’s THEIRS. Consider the content of ANY photo before you post it – remember, you can’t EVER take it back.

13 “Sexting” is a CRIME, and includes:
Photos of intimate behavior Foul words describing intimate behavior Foul words for private body parts Teasing about private body parts Asking for intimate physical contact Threatening intimate physical contact

14 Keep your friends’ 411 PRIVATE
Don’t share cell numbers without permission Don’t forward texts or photos without permission Keep your phone Locked when not in use Clear old messages and photos you don’t need.

15 It never happens to you….
Until It DOES

16 Stay SMART and Safe!

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