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2 Remarkable (adj.) Definition: unusual and surprising in a way that causes people to take notice Synonym: astonishing (adj.) Collocations: remarkable achievement / career / talent / accomplishment E.g. She has made remarkable progress. E.g. She was truly remarkable person. E.g. It is remarkable that noboby noticed such a silly mistake sooner.

3 Undoubted (adj.) Definition: used to emphasize that sth exists or is definitely true Synonym: indubitable (adj.) Collocations: undoubted talent E.g. She has an undoubted talent as an organizer. E.g. The event was an undoubted success. E.g. She is the undoubted start of British ballet.

4 Exceedingly (adv.) Definition: extremely; very; very much Synonym: exceptionally (adv.) Collocations: exceedingly rich/kind/good/absurd E.g. He was clever, handsome, and exceedingly rich. E.g. Thank you. You have been exceedingly kind to me. E.g. We had an exceedingly good lunch.

5 Drastic (adj.) Definition: extreme in a way that has a sudden, serious or violent effect on sth Word Formation: drastically (adv.) Collocations: drastic measures / changes / actions E.g. The government is threatenig to take drastic action. E.g. Drastic changes are needed if you want to have a better life E.g. Things have started to go drastically wrong.

6 Intervention (n.) Definition: becoming involved in a situation in order to improve or help it Collocations: armed/military intervention E.g. Calls for government intervention to save the steel industry have sharply risen. E.g. Repeated interventions on the currency markets have failed to prevent the value of the currency falling. E.g. Government intervention to regulate prices is not demanded by major companies.

7 Urge (v.) Definition: to advise or try hard to persuade sb to do sth Collocations: exceedingly rich/kind/good/absurd E.g. He urged him to stay at home. E.g. The report urged that all children be taught to swim. E.g. I got a note from Ahmet urging me to get in touch.

8 Welfare state (n.) Definition: a system by which the government provides a range of free services to people who need them, such as medical care, money for people without work, care for old people, etc. E.g. A welfare state is a government that completely provides for the well-being of its citizens.

9 Recognition (n.) Definition: the act of accepting that sth exists, is true or is official Collocations: international / official / formal recognition E.g. The Republic of Turkish Cyprus has been seeking formal recognition as a sovereign state for a long time. E.g. There is general recognition that the study techniques of many students are weak.

10 Tension (n.) Definition: a situation in which people do not trust each other, or feel unfriendly towards each other, and which may cause them to attack each other Collocations: international / racial / political tensions E.g. There is mounting tension along the Turkish-Syrian border. E.g. The economic crisis was followed by mounting social tension.

11 Severe (adj.) Definition: very serious Word formation: severity (n.) Collocations: great/utmost/increasing severity E.g. A prison sentence should match the severity of the crime. E.g. The chances of a full recovery will depend on the severity of her injuries.

12 Disaster (n.) Definition: an unexpected event, such as a very bad accident, a flood or a fire, that kills a lot of people or causes a lot of damage Synonym: catastrophe (n.) Collocations: air/environmental/natural disasters E.g. The 1987 hurricane was the worst natural disaster to hit England for decades.

13 Hostile (adj.) Definition: making it difficult for sth to happen or to be achieved Collocations: hostile conditions/climate/environment E.g. hostile conditions for plants to grow in E.g. Sales increased last year despite the hostile economic environment


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