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Safety and First Aid.

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1 Safety and First Aid

2 Injury Prevention at Home and at School
Accidents at Home Falls, Fires, Electrical shock, poisoning Safety in Class Violence at School Violence- Using force to hurt someone or to cause damage Gun Safety Avoid guns, lock them up, hunting Seven ways to protect yourself Think before you act, pay attention, know your limits, practice refusal skills, use safety equipment, change risky behavior, change risky situations

3 Fire safety Fire prevention and detection How to put out small fires
Smoke detector- an alarm that detects smoke from a fire Check batteries Check to see if working How to put out small fires Fire extinguisher- a device that releases chemials to put out a fire 3 different types

4 Safety on the Road Safety while walking Safety on wheel Vehicle safety
Use sidewalks Walk facing traffic Use crosswalks Look both ways Make sure driver can se you Avoid walking at night No headphones Safety on wheel Wear safety equipment Pay attention to traffic Follow the rules of road Wear proper attire Ride in designated areas Ride with a friend Avoid night riding Vehicle safety Bus safety

5 Safety Outdoors Safety on a cold day
Hypothermia- a below normal body temperature Frostbite- is damage to skin and other tissues that is caused by extreme cold Safety on a hot day Heat exhaustion- a condition caused by too much water loss through sweating on a hot day Heatstroke- is an injury that happens when the body cannot control its temperature. Playing safe Drink water, use sunscreen, watch weather

6 Natural disasters Earthquakes
A shaking of the earth’s surface caused by movement along a break in the Earth’s crust Natural disasters- natural events that widespread injury, death, and property damage. Tornadoes and hurricanes Tornado- a spinning column of air that has a high wind speed and touches the ground. Hurricane- a large spinning tropical weather system with wind speeds of at least 74mph Flood- is an overflowing of water into areas that are normally dry Flash flood- a flood with no warning Be prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Deciding to Give First Aid
Emergency- a sudden event that demands immediate action Handling an Emergency Check the situation Call for help Care for victim First aid- emergency medical care for someone who has been hurt or who is sick.

8 Making an emergency phone call
Dial 9-1-1 The three pieces of information that you will need to know: Your name and location The type of emergency The condition of anyone who is hurt What you’ve done to help the victim Stay calm Don’t hang up first

9 Abdominal Thrust and Rescue Breathing
Abdominal Thrusts- actions that apply pressure to a choking person’s stomach to force an object out of his or her throat First Aid for choking infants(pg 394) First Aid for choking adults(pg 395) Rescue Breathing for adults Rescue breathing- an emergency technique in which a rescuer gives air to someone who is not breathing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR)- an emergency technique used to save a victim who isn’t breathing and who doesn’t have a heart beat. Rescue breathing for small children

10 First Aid for Injuries Bleeding Burns Poisoning
Severity determines first aid Poisoning Fractures-broken or cracked bone Dislocations- when a bone is forced out of its normal position Head, Neck, and Back Injuries

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