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How to write a text response (expository) essay

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1 How to write a text response (expository) essay

2 Learning intentions To understand the format of an expository essay
To be able to explain the process for planning an expository essay To know what kind of language should be used in an expository essay

3 An expository essay is…
A genre of essay in which the author is required to investigate an idea, evaluate evidence and put forward an argument

4 Where do we find expository essays?
Essays (character, theme, analytical) Newspapers Magazines

5 In what forms can you write expository essays?
Letters to editor Feature article Character text response Theme text response

6 Our aim… To write an expository essay which explores a range of issues, opinions and themes raised in the text ‘I am Sam’.

7 Step 1: Reading the question
1. Underline or highlight key words or phrases in the question. 2. Define these key words by using a dictionary, explaining those key words or ideas in your own word. 3. Ask yourself – what is this question asking me to do? 4. Rewrite the question IN YOUR OWN WORDS

8 Step 2: Planning 4 square lifesaver – get on to it…

9 Step 3: Writing the introduction
Address the question – make sure that you are actually discussing what the question wants you to discuss! One sentence that explains each of your paragraphs Last sentence reiterates your argument (leaving no doubt in the reader’s mind).

10 What is a paragraph? Just a bunch of random sentences? A few words?
A paragraph is…..

11 Step 4: main body paragraphs
Needs STRUCTURE…… T – E – E – L – How many sentences?

12 Watch out for common mistakes!
Common mistake # 1:UNRELATED IDEAS Which sentence is unrelated to the topic: my favourite class is maths. A. The work is just challenging enough that I enjoy it. B. I like my teacher. C. There is a little too much homework. D. I’m learning skills I need later in life.

13 Mistake 2 = Repetition For example:
My favourite food is Subway. It’s so yum. I like how it tastes. The flavours are fantastic! Subways is definitely my number one choice for takeaway because it’s just so good to eat! What’s wrong with this sentence?

14 Mistake 3 – fragmented vs. complete sentences
Fragment: Cram more food into a Sub. Complete sentence (full sentence): At the restaurant Subway, you can fit more toppings in to the Sub. For example…

15 Hot tip: vivid language
Eg: ‘ At Subway, you can eat heaps. Compared to ‘At Subway, there are a range of delicious toppings available:turkey, chicken and meat – the choices are endless, you never go home hungry!

16 Hot tip: transitions (linking words)
They hold the separate parts of the writing together, like glue. Examples….. For example On the other hand Meanwhile Indeed

17 Hot tip: linking sentence (L)
Restate or reword the topic sentence. You can also use a question You can use an amusing thought Eg: ‘It would be really fun to be invisible’. Is there any other way that I could be so mischievous? Not only would I have a great time if I was invisible, I wouldn’t have to comb my hair’.

18 Conclusion Reinforces your argument
Sums up what you have argued (one sentence for each main paragraph). Leaves no doubt in the author’s mind as to your point of view.

19 What now? Choose a topic:
‘All you need is love’. Discuss, with reference to the text ‘I am Sam’. ‘I am Sam’ tells us that anyone can be a good parent. To what extent do you agree? There is no such thing as a disability, only difference. Discuss, with reference to ‘I am Sam’. Rita says that she ‘gets more out of her relationship’ with Sam than Sam does. To what extent is Sam and Rita’s relationship unequal? In the film, ‘I am Sam’ Lucy is the parent, Sam is the child. Discuss. USE THE FOUR SQUARE PLANNER TO GET PLANNING! I want to see your plan before you move on to draft number one of your essay.

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