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El Salvador By: Taylor McCoy.

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1 El Salvador By: Taylor McCoy

2 El Salvador This where El Salvador is located.

3 What are they called ? El Salvadorians are called Salvadoreño.

4 Comida

5 Las Comidas Pupusas: thick corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, meat, squash, and/or fillings.

6 Las Comidas Empanadas: flour pastries filled with meat, potatoes, and/or cheese. “Empanadas” in El Salvador can also refer to a dessert: fried plantains stuffed with sweet cream.

7 Las Comidas Tamales: boiled pockets of corn dough, stuffed with meat or sweet corn and served in banana leaves.

8 Bebidas Ensaladas: Ensaladas aren’t just salads -- they’re also drinks in El salvador. Made from chopped fruit swimming in fruit juice. Ensalada drinks are basically drinkable fruit salads.

9 Influencia ? Latin America cuisine includes maize-based dishes (tortillas, tamales, pupusas)

10 Què frutas comen ? Ellos comen nance (a cherry like fruit) y platano.

11 Què verduras comen? Ellos comen papas, onions, y zanahorrias.

12 Què comen en la cena? Ellos comen tamales en la cena.

13 Què comen para el amuerzo ?
Ellos comen pupusa en la el almuerzo. (cornmeal tortilla with white cheese, beans, and/or shredded pork)

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