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Aspire 3 Entrepreneurial Educational Experiences Pitch Presentation Frame and Template.

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1 Aspire 3 Entrepreneurial Educational Experiences Pitch Presentation Frame and Template

2 Some Pointers  Eliminate superfluous / extra info and focus on your best points from your business plan  Use graphs and images to represent data and words whenever possible  Let your personality come out, but keep the slang to a minimum  Slides don’t need to be exactly in this order but the all the concepts should be covered

3 Concepts Part 1  Idea- What is your business idea? What is a problem in the world you’re trying to solve? What do you think should be better?  Market- What other companies have similar businesses? If your business idea doesn’t have competition; why not? What do people currently do instead?  Solution- What is the solution to the Industry's need? Why do people need your services? Who are these people? How many?

4 Concepts Part 2  Industry’s Need- How are you different? What is not available in the market? Why is your business important and valuable?  How it works - What does your product/service do? What are the main features? How are these useful to people?  Monetization- How do you make money from your business? What does it cost to make your product or provide your service? Who can/will pay for it? How much will you charge?

5 Concepts Part 3  Needs- How much money do you need to get started? If not money, what needs might you have?  Development Plan- How long until you can start the business? How long until it gets making money? If you got your needs what would be your plan for the next year?  Team- What skills will your business need? Who is currently on your team? What skills do they have? How are you going to get the skills you need?

6 A good pitch is: Engaging  Creative and Original  Relevant to the Audience  A quick reason to hook the listener  Keeps their interest  Excites them to become involved

7 A good pitch is: Meaningful  Shares why the idea is important  How needed it is (by how many people – using real numbers)  What the key benefits are to those involved

8 A good pitch is: Thorough  Has a unique plan on how to get people to use it (numbers help!)  A vision for how it’ll make/get money  When it’ll be able to support itself and how fast it can grow  Note: this doesn’t mean it gives every detail – just that the listener feels that it’s a business with a plan, not a just a plan for a business.

9 A good pitch is: Confident  Inspires confidence in the presenter  Makes you feel that they know the area they are talking about  Gives the impression that you are the right person/team for the mission

10 A good pitch is: Concise  Short sweet and to the point  Takes just a few minutes (sometimes much less!)  Respects the audience’s time and attention

11 Your Logo (if you have one!) Slide 1: Business Name Team members Product Name (Optional)

12 Describe Your Need

13 Describe your solution (your business)

14 Describe how your product / service works

15 Identify and estimate your target market Your target market is: because: Target market size: From this research:

16 Your competition Insert competitive analysis chart here and talk us through it Talk about your Unique Selling Proposition

17 Monetization & Business Model How your business will make money: Charts / graphs work here

18 Development Plan How you are going to build your business over the next five years (think big!) Potential expenses or problems for your product / service How much your business will make after five years

19 Your Team Team Bios Who you need to hire

20 Investment How much money you need from investors Tell us how you are going to use that money / why you need it Say "thank you" and walk off confidently after answering questions

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