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Fiona Malcolm, Scottish Govt Pauline Graham, Social Firms Scotland.

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1 Fiona Malcolm, Scottish Govt Pauline Graham, Social Firms Scotland

2  Ensure social enterprises play a full role in meeting Structural Fund objectives specific to EUstrategies and national government outcomes in promoting social inclusion, job creation and combating poverty.  Ensure Structural Fund MAs and policy makers know about, understand and can apply a set of options for a comprehensive support environment for social enterprises.  Equip partners from across EU to promote and implement projects involving social entrepreneurship, social enterprises and the social economy.

3  Ministry of Regional Development (LEAD) – Poland  Scottish Government & Social Firms Scotland/Senscot – Scotland,  Ministry of Labour, FISE – Poland  BE ESF Agentschap – Belgium  SE ESF Rådet, - Sweden  CZ Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, P3 People, Planet, Profit – Czech Republic  IT AG Lavoro, Trentino, ESF Lombardia, Consorzio Light – Italy,  EL ESF, POKOISPE – Greece  CY ESF – Cyprus  UK ESF – England  FI Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Tampere Cooperative Centre – Finland  New Partners – France, Lithuania  EU DIESIS, REVES – European Networks of Cities & Regions for the Social Economy – EU level

4  Warsaw – set themes for review  Trento – partnerships with public sector/psps  Malmo – social enterprise growth & dev  Warsaw – financial instruments  Glasgow – support & start up infrastructure  Cyprus – identity and visibility  Brussels – final conference Jan 15 

5 New Programme: ESI funds  11 thematic objectives  UK Partnership Agreement (Scottish Chapter)  Practical considerations in Scotland – address territorial challenges, simplify implementation, ensure capability of beneficiaries  Integration of Funds  Strategic focus – securing greater impact

6  Europe 2020 - smart, sustainable & inclusive growth  Strong support for social enterprise and social entrepreneurship at EU level  Scotland’s Operational Programmes (OPs) tailored to support Scottish Government investment and policy priorities.

7 Separate Operational Programmes (OPs) for each ESI fund Tailored to support Scottish Govt investment and policy priorities. Higher focus on Horizontal Themes. 3 broad themes emerging for Scotland’s OPs aligned to Europe 2020 goals:  Business competiveness, innovation and jobs  Low Carbon, resource efficiency and environment  Local development and social inclusion

8  Partnership Agreement - Scottish Chapter  Single Joint Programme Monitoring Committee (JPMC) ◦ Operational Committees  Monitoring by Strategic Delivery Partnerships  Review of the programme in 2017  On-going consultation on proposals  Role of Lead Partners  Delivery arrangements

9  Social enterprise is and can make a significant contribution to economic recovery, to local development and social inclusion by bringing economic, social and community responses that can help drive that recovery.  Expectation that third sector and social enterprise will be key part of the programme delivery/governance  Specific focus on social innovation and support for social enterprise in the developing proposals for local development, combating poverty and social inclusion thematic fund.

10 Promoting social entrepreneurship and vocational integration in social enterprises and the social and solidarity economy in order to facilitate access to employment Aims  To use social enterprise and innovation as a driver for sustainable employment growth.  The social enterprise sector in Scotland provides an important role in achieving sustainable economic growth. Two particular actions will be supported under this investment priority.  Access to development support and capital to allow social enterprises to fulfil their important role in providing employment opportunities and for tackling social inclusion is key.  Secondly, support for wider social innovation activity to stimulate and develop new ideas, products and services to tackle social exclusion and poverty. The actions will contribute to the specific objective of using the social enterprise sector and social innovation in being a driver for sustainable and inclusive growth through unlocking capital. Target groups - social enterprises and disadvantaged groups.

11  The Scottish Government will also allocate resources available through the third sector budget as ‘match’ to promote, support and create the right conditions for new and existing social enterprises to flourish, and deliver better outcomes to target groups experiencing poverty and disadvantage.  The programme also offers the wider third sector an opportunity to encourage and embrace social innovation and entrepreneurship, in particular responding to increasing pressures and demands for public services. This is in line with the current strategic approach to third sector.  Our assessment is that there are a range of potential initiatives that would better support social innovation in Scotland, leading to more innovation, faster implementation of innovation, and more efficient scaling of effective new approaches.  These initiatives would have the third sector at the heart, building on its strong understanding of social needs and ability to connect to individuals and communities who can benefit from social innovation. They will also explicitly work across sectors, in particular connecting the third sector with the technical knowledge base in the university sector, the commercialisation knowledge of the private sector and the scaling ability of the public sector.

12  Support for SE  People & Communities Fund match  BIG Lottery – addressing poverty/finanical inclusion  H&Is specific to remote, rural and fragile communities

13 Thanks & Questions

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