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Sharing & Managing Spatial Data Using Cloud Kenna Kelly Eagle Technology Group, New Zealand GIS Accounts Manager South Pacific & NZ South Island.

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1 Sharing & Managing Spatial Data Using Cloud Kenna Kelly Eagle Technology Group, New Zealand GIS Accounts Manager South Pacific & NZ South Island


3 Where the Clouds are …… AMAZON EC IBM New Zealand GOOGLE

4 ArcGIS Is Available In 3 Forms … Public Cloud AGOL 4 Orgs Private Cloud On-Premise Or a combination of any of the above…

5 A PaaS Offering Powered By IBM The EAGLE GIS Cloud

6 The Benefits Of Cloud Services An Overview Lower Total Cost of OwnershipReduced ongoing and life cycle costs Increased AvailabilityAlways on, always available Faster Application Delivery Expedites time to market, competitive advantage Flexible ModelScales by demand; no wasted capacity Enables Collaboration and Community Computing Platform for easier and faster information sharing, mobile workforce Improved Business ContinuityInexpensive disaster recovery options Rental Pricing Model Pay-as-you-go; Pay-in-advance; try before you buy

7 The EAGLE GIS Cloud Highbrook, Auckland, New Zealand Powered By IBM Virtual Server Services Brand new datacentre built for cloud computing offering a true elastic environment. Been in New Zealand for over 50 years. 1 of the 3 approved suppliers for all of NZ Government.

8 The EAGLE GIS Cloud, What You Get? Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Included and Configured Software: IIS 7.5 HTTPS (Optional) FileZilla FTP Server ArcGIS For Server 10.1 ArcGIS For Desktop 10.1 (Optional) Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 R2 (Optional Install) Hardware Isolated Environment with dedicated firewall Static IP address with DNS (

9 The EAGLE GIS Cloud, Why? Truly elastic environment built on IBM’s hardware and VMware’s vCloud platform. - Resources when and if you need it Self Manage Portal (Available Q4 2012) - Manage your instances, network and environment One Simple Monthly Fee Pre-configured ArcGIS for Server as per best practices and certified for the platform. - Includes pre-configured instance of Microsoft SQL Server and ArcSDE Regular updates to the provisioning images to include the latest service packs and releases. Optional SLA’s providing a manage free environment. Free access to hosted base maps and content.

10 The EAGLE SMART Cloud: Licensing On IBM 1. PAAS – bring your own license or lease Costs per instance/ fixed monthly price 3 / 12 / 24 month duration. 2. ELA (Standard, Small Utility, Small Local Govt.) Bring your own license 3. LICENSING OPTIONS ArcGIS for Server Enterprise Std/Adv (includes Exts) ArcGIS for Desktop (10.1 on premise or cloud) 4. PROCESS Eagle Cloud Quotation & Contract Licensing Request Request submitted and instance(s) configured and set up. Invoicing monthly

11 A New GIS Pattern ArcGIS Online

12 ArcGIS Online Is a Cloud Based GIS Supporting Online and on Premise Deployment Basemaps Groups Open Data Templates Analysis APIs Mobile Hosting Sharing Geocoding Intelligent Maps Mapping Web Services User Content Catalog Applications Standards Images Any Device Providing GIS as SaaS...... For Individuals, Departments, and the Enterprise ArcGIS Online

13 ArcGIS Online Provides a New Way of Sharing An Open Platform for Maps and Geographic Information... Easy and Accessible by Everyone Cloud / Web Intelligent Web Maps Server Desktop

14 Intelligent WebMaps are a New Medium Integrating Services (Data, Maps, Models... ) Simplifying GIS...... Connecting and Providing Open Access Accessibility Easily Created and Shared Visualisation Editing Pop-ups Analysis Time Intelligent Maps Services and Data Supporting

15 ArcGIS 10.1 Simplifies Sharing Your Work Maps, Data, Tools, and Models...... Automating the Process of Creating Services Desktop Packages Server Online (Cloud) Services

16 WebMap - a Smart Map Container in the cloud Crowd Sourcing Mash-ups External Users Collaboration Non-GIS Users Geocoding

17 WebMap - a Smart Map Container in the cloud ArcGIS Online Visualisation Editing Pop-ups Time Geodatabase RDBMS Data Business Rules ArcGIS for Desktop Content Cartography MXD / Layer FeatureClass (Geospatial Table) WebMap ArcGIS for Server Map Services GP Services Geocode Services Web Services

18 Intelligent WebMaps Can Be Used Everywhere…... Enhancing Access and Collaboration One Map Desktop Tablets Smart Phones Web Sites ArcGIS Online Any Device Browsers Social Media

19 Web Services vs. WebMap vs. WebApps WebMap Visualisation Editing Pop-ups Time Web Services REST WMS WebApplication JavaScript Silverlight Flex Functionality

20 …including embedded WebMaps

21 ArcGIS Online Can Be Configured For Your Organization Bringing Together Your Geographic Assets ArcGIS Online Users & Groups Catalogue Hosting... A New Architecture... For Organizing and Providing Access Shop Window (WebSite) Geocoding

22 Features of ArcGIS Online Data Storage & Content management Shop Window WebMap - a Smart Map Container in the cloud WebMap Creation WebMap Embedding WebMaps Across Devices Hosted Web Services Editing Groups & Users

23 ArcGIS Online Organisational Plan Easy to deploy - Esri Amazon Cloud SAAS – licensed ready to use Structured approach for organisations Includes Esri Maps for Office (Powerpoint, Excel, Word) Easy self-service from Desktop or using spatial data. Cost effective and part of the ELA (SLG, SU & Standard) Additional Credits can be purchased Apps Maps

24 AGOL (Organisation): How it works CREDIT ALLOCATIONS & USERS LEVELUSERSCREDITS Level 11-52,500 Level 26-5010,000 Level 351-10017,500 Level 4100-25037,500 Level 5251-49962,500 Level 6500-1000110,000

25 AGOL: Users & Roles NAMED USERS – Definitions & Roles ADMINISTRATOR: manages other users & data. Monitors Service Credit consumption. PUBLISHER: Creates Map map/feature/services from DT or web clients USER: view and edit content. Cannot create map services

26 AGOL: Credits & Services CREDITS are consumed through the use of the following Services: DATA TRANSFER GEOCODING: STORAGE: Feature – database feature & attribute tables Tile – images for map cache Data – storage & retrieval

27 AGOL: (FREE) TRAINING Learn how to make the most of your AGOL using Free Esri on demand training seminars: AGOL Subscriptions: Mapping & GIS for Organisations Sharing GIS Content Using an AGOL Subscription Configuring & Administering an AGOL Subscription Learn about basic customisations to Web Apps using AGOL Templates: Using Templates to Create Web Applications

28 Questions / Comments


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