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Sharing Geographic Content

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1 Sharing Geographic Content
John Thieling

2 Agenda ArcGIS Online ArcGIS for Server Portal for ArcGIS

3 ArcGIS: A platform for collaboration
Mapping Analysis Visualization Citizens Managers Knowledge Workers Professional GIS Enterprise Integration Deployed Users Cloud . . . A Framework for Sharing, and Collaborating

4 Esri- or self-hosted content
Esri-hosted Self-hosted ArcGIS Online Portal for ArcGIS Maps, apps, data, tools Maps, apps, data, tools ArcGIS Online is secure ArcGIS for Server All types of services (data) Could exist in the cloud (e.g., Amazon EC2)

5 What types of content can be shared?
Five groups Maps Data layers Data files Tools Applications

6 With whom do you want to share?
No one (keep private) Specific group(s) Your organization Everyone J-8338

7 ArcGIS services Services ArcMap data layers Web maps Hosted services
ArcGIS Online Web maps Hosted services Services (on-premises) ArcGIS for Server J-8338

8 Web maps Operational layer Basemap layer Web map D

9 Preparing operational content

10 Feature service versus map service
Streams features Service Streams picture TYPE OF SERVICE Feature Feature service streams vector features to client. Map Map service streams picture to client. D

11 How to handle the data Two options: Copy data to the server OR
Register data source with the server Service Register the data Copy data to server Author location Server location ArcGIS for Server ArcGIS for Server ArcGIS Online D

12 Registering a service Add service as an item to ArcGIS Online/Portal for ArcGIS Share with others D

13 Sharing operational content
Using ArcGIS for Desktop TYPE OF SERVICE TYPE OF CONNECTION Feature TYPE OF DATA ArcGIS Online Map Operational Desktop ArcGIS Server Map Basemap Add Feature Access

14 Using services (Services) ArcGIS Online ArcGIS Server Web maps
Web apps Desktop Mobile

15 Hosted by ArcGIS Online Hosted by your web server
Web maps to web apps Web app* Web map Hosted by ArcGIS Online Hosted by your web server Services *Many prebuilt JavaScript app templates D

16 ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight
ArcGIS viewers Create your own custom web apps without coding ArcGIS Viewer for Flex ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight JS Web App Builder D

17 Developer apps Web Mobile Web APIs Runtime SDKs JavaScript Flex
Silverlight Java Web APIs JavaScript Flex Silverlight Runtime SDKs iOS Android Windows Store Windows Phone .NET HTML5/JS Objective-C

18 Basemap services Operational ArcGIS for Server Cached map
TYPE OF DATA TYPE OF CONNECTION TYPE OF SERVICE Operational ArcGIS for Server Cached map ArcGIS for Desktop Basemap ArcGIS Online Tiled map

19 Map services in ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS for Desktop Tiled map service Option #1 Tile package (TPK) Option #2 Tile package D

20 Should you create your own image service?
ArcGIS Online Basemap Cached / tiled map service In-house data Purpose of imagery Image service (dynamic) Image service with caching Analysis, visualization, downloads D

21 Image services ArcGIS for Server Raster datasets Mosaic datasets
Layer files Image service Imaging WCS WMS Caching option Dynamic capabilities ArcGIS for Server D

22 Using image services Fully supports dynamic and cached Desktop
Toggle display between both Web maps Can display time enabled imagery Web APIs Use either cached or dynamic If dynamic, a set of analytical operations is supported

23 Why share geoprocessing services?
Desktop users only GP Package Entire ArcGIS Online community GP Service D

24 Steps to create a geoprocessing service
Prepare / run model Publish model results Use service

25 Preparing and running the model
Need to set input parameters? Need to set symbology? Input parameters Output parameters Model processes

26 Using geoprocessing services
ArcGIS for Desktop Web app D

27 Geocoding Latitude 50oN 125oW 85oW 45oW 5oW Gray Ave Longitude 20oN
10oS 20oN 85oW 125oW 45oW 5oW Gray Ave Warner St 508 Gray Ave, Durham, NC 78o53’21.57”W, 35o59’58.56”N D

28 Portal for ArcGIS At 10.2 an alternative implementation
Value and functionality of Online Same collaboration tools and apps that you see in ArcGIS Online (e.g. Esri Maps for Office) Same ArcGIS applications to fully deliver a WebGIS experience Full productization with installers, support, and documentation Works closely with ArcGIS for Server

29 Portal for ArcGIS Typical reasons for choosing Portal for ArcGIS
Have no internet/www connection Have strict SLAs and governance Are not ready for cloud yet Typical reason for choosing ArcGIS Online Lower overall cost (faster start, less admin costs) Continuous updates and improvements Elasticity

30 Portal for ArcGIS deployment
Client applications and browsers Private Network Web Server Portal Web Adaptor Server Web Adaptor Portal for ArcGIS ArcGIS for Server

31 Architectural challenges
Requires an fully qualified domain names Need to install a Windows AD domain controller DNS needs to be configured in AD When working with Server acts as a proxy Requires SSL Self-sign certificates will fail in the proxy process Should also use AD certificate management

32 Licensing Portal for ArcGIS
License basics Server extension Included with Advanced license Provides unlimited anonymous access Named user licenses Available for purchase in blocks of users Full web GIS capability for each use Desktop licenses with current maintenance One named user per license Available for either ArcGIS Online or Portal Esri License Portal for ArcGIS Advanced ?

33 Questions

34 Offering ID: 1048 Please fill out the session survey:
Thank you… Please fill out the session survey: Offering ID: 1048 Online – Paper – pick up and put in drop box Sharing Geographic Content


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