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¿Cuánto sabes de…? ARGENTINA ¿Dónde está Argentina?

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2 ¿Cuánto sabes de…? ARGENTINA

3 ¿Dónde está Argentina?


5 How large is Argentina compared to Illinois?

6 Argentina is more than 18 time larger than Illinois, making it the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

7 How large is Argentina’s population compared to that of Illinois?

8 Argentina’s population is more than three times larger. 40.738.000 12.482.000 (2001 estimate)

9 What languages are spoken in Argentina? Spanish – ~95% (I knew that!!) Other languages – 5% Guaraní -- “Aguije!” English Italian German French

10 What is the capital city? Buenos Aires (population 12.8 million) home to about 40% of all Argentinians!!

11 Reading tasks Now scan the cultural reading on pp. 264-265 for the answers to the following questions: What is the unit of currency? Who was Evita Perón? What is the history of the tango? Why is Argentina considered the “most European” country in South America? What is Iguazú known for?

12 What is the unit of currency?

13 El Peso Argentino Economic instability brought on by high unemployment (20%), long-term recession (4 years), reductions in social programs (Asia Times, Jan 2002) a 70% fall in the value of the currency since 1992 (BBC News, May 2002) Hyperinflation is a major concern: “Many on the street said their greatest nightmare was a return to an era like that of 1989, when hyperinflation reached 5,000 percent and prices were so volatile that grocery stores would read out rapid changes over the intercom” 020326/5/l9d6.html).

14 Who was Evita Perón?

15 Evita Perón First Lady of Argentina, 1946-52 Wielded considerable political influence – “she became the most powerful woman her country had ever seen.” Secretary of Labor Proponent of teaching religion in schools Controlled three prominent newspapers Founder of a major social welfare organization Impetus behind women getting the right to vote

16 What is the history of the tango?

17 El Tango Influences from Africa, Italy, and Spain Began in the 1880s and became popular among the upper class UqQW0

18 Why is Argentina considered “the most European” country in South America?

19 Immigration

20 What is Iguazú known for?

21 Iguazú

22 70 m (230 ft) high Taller than and four times as wide as Niagara Falls Major tourist attraction UNESCO World Heritage site

23 Religion in Argentina 93% Catholic: Official State Religion, but there is complete religious freedom 2.5% Protestant 2% Jewish 1.5 Ukrainian Catholic 1% Armenian Orthodox Cathedral of La Plata Buenos Aires Mosque

24 Equipos Solidarios del Sur (ESUR) The Reformed Church in America has established ESUR, a mission in Argentina to serve the impoverished – as many as “45% of all Argentinian families live below the poverty line.” Mission: “ESUR gives priority to the powerless and defenseless: children, adolescents, mothers, the unemployed, and the marginalized” in urban as well as rural and semi-rural areas. Services include day care, meals, vocational training, justice issues, workshops, and community gardens.

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