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¿Cuánto sabes del…? ECUADOR ¿Dónde está el Ecuador?

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2 ¿Cuánto sabes del…? ECUADOR

3 ¿Dónde está el Ecuador?


5 How large is Ecuador compared to Illinois?

6 Ecuador is almost twice as large as Illinois.

7 How large is Ecuador’s population compared to that of Illinois?

8 Ecuador’s population is about 14% larger than that of Illinois. 14.192.000 12.482.000 (2001 estimate)

9 What languages are spoken in Ecuador? Spanish - ~ 73% (I knew that!!) Other languages: Quichua (~13%) -- “Pagui!” Quechua – “Pachi!”

10 What is the capital city? Quito (population 1.7 million) Hey, I knew that, too!

11 Reading tasks Now scan the cultural reading on pp. 142-143 for the answers to the following questions: What is the unit of currency? Why are the Islas Galápagos of particular interest? Who was Oswaldo Guayasamín? What is trekking?

12 What is the unit of currency?

13 The U.S. Dollar! The national currency since 2000: “Ecuador will gradually replace its currency with the U.S. dollar to stabilize the Andean nation's economy and prevent hyperinflation” -- /~delacova/ecuador/dollar.htm The sucre – the former official currency

14 Why are the Islas Galápagos of particular interest?

15 Las Islas Galápagos Charles Darwin arrived in the Galapagos Islands in 1835 aboard the ship, “The Beagle.” He studied and noted the similarities and differences of the flora and fauna. He concluded that the species, to survive, would gradually alter based on environmental conditions. After 20 years of his life gathering supporting evidence, Darwin published "The Origin of the Species by Natural Selection“ in 1859. --

16 Las Islas Galápagos The Galapagos tortoise is the largest living tortoise. It can weigh over 500 pounds and measure 6 feet from head to tail. It is a very slow-moving animal, moving only 0.16 miles per hour (less than 15 ft per minute).

17 Who was Oswaldo Guayasamín?

18 Oswaldo Guayasamín Famous South American artist (1919-1999) Painter, sculptor, muralist Many works featured cubist style

19 What is trekking?

20 Trekking: Adventure tours to… Mountains Crater lakes Canyons Glaciers Volcanoes

21 Religion in Ecuador

22 94% Catholic Many are non-practicing or practice some syncretistic form of worship (Catholicism + indigenous religion) 2% Protestant Mormon Church is very active in Ecuador Freedom of worship is guaranteed by the constitution Sources:

23 HCJB Global Radio, “The Voice of the Andes” “The world’s first missionary broadcasting ministry” on the air for over 75 years broadcasts the Gospel in over 120 different languages and dialects promotes media and healthcare ministries

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