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ARGENTINA By: Isaac Baldwin.

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1 ARGENTINA By: Isaac Baldwin

2 About their flower The Ceibo is the national flower of Argentina.
It grows on the banks of Paraná River It Blooms between November and February

3 Language Argentina's official language is Spanish
Argentinian Spanish is different from the Spanish spoken in Spain

4 holidays January 1st -- Ano Nuevo or New Year's Day
Easter, Las Pascuas, is celebrated over a two week period March/April -- Two weeks prior to Lent

5 Main bodies of water Iguazu Falls Lake Argentina Rio de la Plata
Nahuel Huapi

6 import/exports The main exports of Argentina are meat, and manufacturing products. The main export partners of Argentina are Brazil, Chile, the United States, China and Spain. The main imports of Argentina are fuel, energy and capital goods. The main import partners of Argentina are Brazil, US, Germany, Italy and Spain.

7 Economic status  Currency - the currency of Argentina is known as the Peso. Use the free currency converter to compare to dollars, GBP or Euro.

8 Cultural background Argentina's culture has been greatly affected by its immigrant population, mostly European The tango is the music and dance of argentina

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