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The beginning of the Golden Age of musicals…. The Details…. Opened March 31, 1943 at the St. James Theater on Broadway Ran for an unprecedented 2,212.

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1 The beginning of the Golden Age of musicals…

2 The Details…. Opened March 31, 1943 at the St. James Theater on Broadway Ran for an unprecedented 2,212 performances Ushered in the Golden Age of musicals that lasted until Hair in 1968 First collaboration between composer Richard Rodgers and librettist Oscar Hammerstein II. First Broadway choreography job for Agnes de Milles Based off the unsuccessful play “Green Grow the Lilacs” by Lynn Riggs

3 How it Came to Be… Lynn Riggs “Green Grow the Lilacs”--produced in 1931, but was not successful (64 performances). In 1941, one of the producers of the play saw a performance in which folk songs and dancing was added to the script. Originally contacted Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, but Hart declined to be the librettist. Auditions were originally held under the title “Away We Go!” but when the number “Oklahoma!” was added, they changed the name.

4 The Characters Curly McLain-A cowboy who’s in love in with Laurey Laurey Williams-Aunt Ellers neice, independent woman, the affection of both Curly and Jud’s love Jud Fry-A farmhand on Aunt Eller’s farm, in love with Laurey, mysterious personality Aunt Eller-Owns a farm, well respected community leader Ado Annie Carnes-Friend of Laurey, flirtatious, can’t decide whom she loves Will Parker-Man in love with Ado Annie Ali Hakim-Persian peddler whom Ado Annie confesses to have affections for Andrew Carnes-Ado Annie’s father

5 The Synopsis The setting is the Oklahoma Territory, 1906. Curly and Laurey are talking and teasing each other and Curly sings “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”. Aunt Eller looks on as she sees the affection between the two. There is a dance that night with a picnic basket auction (boys bid on the picnic baskets and then go on a date with the lady who packed it). Curly asks Laurey to the dance, promising her a ride in the biggest carriage she can imagine. “Surrey With the Fringe on Top” Laurey doesn’t believe him, convinces herself he was lying and storms off.

6 The Synopsis The farmhand Jud decides to make a move and also asks Laurey to the dance. She accepts to spite Curly for “lying” to her and for the fact she doesn’t see herself getting married anytime soon. Cowboy Bill returns from a trip. With $50 he won in his pocket, he has enough money to propose to Ado Annie, but instead decides to spend it on gifts for her. Ado confesses to Laurey that she started to fall in love with Ali, a Persian peddler, and can’t decide between the two!

7 The Synopsis… Andrew, Ado Annie’s father, catches her with Ali, and forces at gunpoint Ali to marry Ado Annie, much to Ali and the other men’s dismay. Curly tries to convince Laurey to go to the dance with her, but she exclaims that “People Will Say We’re in Love”. Angered by this, Curly goes to Jud and tries to convince him to commit suicide by saying he’s not appreciated, but fails. This causes Jud to want to win Laurey’s affection even more. Laurey buys a dream potion from Ali to help her decide who to choose. Her dream is in the form of a 15 minute ballet. She realizes she does love Curly.

8 The Synopsis… At the dance, there is a confrontation between the cowboys and the farmers, but Aunt Eller settles the problem. Laurey is upset to see Curly at the dance with an annoying girl. When Laurey’s basket comes up for sale, there is a major bidding war between Curly and Jud. Jud has saved up all of his money for months, and Curly, desperate for her affection, sold all of his prized possessions, everything that makes him a cowboy. He beats Jud and wins her heart. When Ado Annie’s basket is up for auction, Will is willing to spend his $50 in order to win her, though he would then lose the money to marry her. Ali, desparate to get rid of her, bids $51 and gives the basket to Will. The two work out their differences.

9 The Synopsis… Jud tries again to win Laurey back, but she refuses. He then threatens her and becomes angry. She fires him, and professes her love to Curly. However, will the ending be smooth sailing for Laurey and Curly?

10 The Importance of This Musical First collaboration between Rodgers and Hammerstein, creators of some of the most famous musicals in Broadway history (South Pacific, Carousel, Cinderella, The King and I, and The Sound of Music) Ushered in the Golden Age of Broadway First musical to fully use the idea of a “book musical” where the songs and dances were incorporated directly into the plot, rather than showy performances. Rodgers and Hammerstein hired singers who could act, rather than actors who could sing. Led to the huge success of the show. First musical to fully incorporate the idea of a motif, a short musical melody used to represent a character or a situation.

11 Songs… Oklahoma! Surrey With the Fringe on Top related related People Will Say We’re In Love =related =related Dream Ballet

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