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 He proves that he can work the mixing machine  He wants his old job back.

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2  He proves that he can work the mixing machine

3  He wants his old job back

4  He is familiar with his old job and feels uncomfortable in his new position

5  Punctuation

6  He uses commas excessively

7  He reads a book on punctuation

8  He can learn quickly by reading a book

9  Charlie’s co-workers  Befriend Charlie to make fun of him

10  They get him drunk and force him to dance  The guys get in a circle and trip him

11  Grammar corrections  Memories

12  Kids gang up on him  Charlie runs back to the bakery  The guys at the bakery are as mean as the children on the street  Charlie goes to the back of the bakery and someone there kicks his legs out from under him

13  He knows that they can be cruel

14  Harriet and a valentine

15  A locket

16  He never got the locket back

17  His memory is improving

18  Fencers  A pair of bats

19  He is aware that people are reading them

20  He is able to see images in the ink which shows that he is getting smarter


22  He makes them go faster

23  Make the rolls

24  He sets Charlie up so that he fails

25  He cannot remember the steps

26  He is upset and embarrassed

27  It indicates that something will go wrong

28  He asks out Alice Kinnian

29  He is beginning to see women sexually

30  Intelligent  Talk about politics and religion  Are from the university

31  Respect Charlie  Listen to Charlie  Speak with Charlie not at him  Do not embarrass Charlie

32  His mother

33  Wants Charlie to be normal  Is in denial  Has brown hair

34  Mother – is in denial; believes Charlie is normal  Father – is more accepting of Charlie’s condition; will not stand up to Rose

35  Mother – might make him take on challenges he is not capable of handling  Father – might understand his condition and understand when people are being cruel

36  We realize Charlie may not be aware of his condition  He may be more trusting of people because he thinks he is normal


38  Charlie realizes he loves Alice

39  He sees women as more than just friends

40  He associates love with blood and abuse

41  Gimpy is stealing money

42  Charlie confronts Gimpy and asks him what he would hypothetically do in this situation

43  He has to figure out the right thing to do

44  They go to Central Park  When things get physical between Charlie and Alice, Charlie sees young Charlie watching them  Charlie is paranoid

45  Charlie’s co-workers feel uncomfortable and have signed a petition asking to have him fired

46  He concludes the men are jealous

47  She says it doesn’t have to do with him

48  A middle-aged woman exposed herself to Charlie during a bakery delivery  Then his mother yelling at him for thinking of girls in a sexual way

49  He realizes that professors are not necessarily “intellectual giants”

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