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Literacy Through Green Colored Glasses Picture Book Activities That Help Kids Save Their Planet By Nancy Stewart.

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1 Literacy Through Green Colored Glasses Picture Book Activities That Help Kids Save Their Planet By Nancy Stewart

2 I should go green? Why? Go Green? Only losers go green!

3 Some Gentle Beginnings to Going Green

4 Let’s teach kids balanced environmental responsibility. Turn off lights when leaving a room.

5 Let’s teach kids realistic environmental responsibility. Unplug appliances when not using them.

6 Donate old clothing, books, toys to a thrift shop. Let’s teach kids sensible environmental responsibility.

7 Let’s teach kids practical environmental responsibility Choose earth friendly fabrics when shopping.  Wool biodegrades in 1 to 5 years.  Cotton biodegrades in 1 to 5 months.  Nylon biodegrades in 30 to 40 years!

8 Let’s teach kids easy environmental responsibility. Turn off water while brushing teeth.

9 Let’s teach kids attainable environmental responsibility Take short showers.

10 Got a Green Idea? POSTPOST It In the Green Room!

11 The Green Room’s a Great Place For Green Ideas to Thrive in Your Classroom! Make One for Your Students.

12 All it Takes is One Little Area. When They Go In, Kids Think, Write and Act Green!

13 Clothing production leaves a large ecological footprint. For every new T-shirt created, roughly 150 grams of pesticides and fertilizers have been used. Do you know why? The amount of water used in the production and transport of clothes bought by an average family each year is 150,000 liters.. Think Green Before Buying That Cool New Shirt Clothes Swaps at School are Fun!



16 Kids can choose some heavy fabric and sew into simple rectangular bags with fabric handles. OR Buy some canvas bags at a thrift or craft shop. Use fabric pens to draw pictures on them. Take the bags out with you every time you shop. Keep some in your car and bike carrier. My Grocery Bag

17 Let’s Excite Kids About Going Green! on the Bus) Plastic shopping bags are a big garbage problem. It takes 1,000 years for a bag to break down!

18 Let Me Help (To the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ) Reduce, recycle and reuse, Be careful with the things you choose. Don't leave lights and water on, Pick up litter when you're done. Keep the air and water clean, Help our earth stay strong and green! Our Very Own, Very Green Song!

19 Have a picnic. Have children make their own organic sandwiches / treats. Take a few blankets and spread them out on playground, room or cafeteria. Go on a pollution scavenger patrol hunt. Tell or read stories about the earth and sing Earth Day songs. PICNICPOWERPICNICPOWER

20 Picnic Non-Litter Song Litter Free Picnic (To the tune of Skip to my Lou) We're not litterbugs, no siree We're not litterbugs, no siree We're not litterbugs, no siree We pick up our trash, you see.

21 Good Picnic Books: "The Great Trash Bash" by Loreen Leedy "The Earth And I” by Frank Asch "The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss "Dinosaurs to The Rescue" by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown

22 Help Save a Polar Bear Or Your Favorite Endangered Animal Turn Out a Light! Even Our Littlest Students Can Do This!

23 Be a Tree! Create a forest ecosystem skit. Each child plays a different member of the forest (tree, bird, fern, etc). Have children act out what happens when a tree is cut down, when there is a fire or drought, and when new trees are planted.

24 Decorating a plant pot is a fun eco- friendly project for your class. Kids can grow plants in their decorated plant pot. Be sure to use organic seeds! Let’s Decorate a Clay Pot and Grow Organic Seeds!

25 Rome’s Trashiest Hotel Built with Twelve Tons of Beach Litter

26 Reusing recyclable materials has never been as much fun as it is now. Collect a variety of items such as egg cartons, plastic containers, Styrofoam packing pieces, six-pack rings, etc. Get some standard eco / recycled craft materials, like glue, scissors, yarn, paint, wool, found items from nature. See how many "treasures" your kids can create out of "trash!" Go Roman with Trash into Treasure

27 Twist on Trash! Wait! Is it a Prized Possession or is it Trash? Students can create something useful to use for school, at school, such as a pencil holder or a letter holder. Bring trash from home! Sky’s the limit! (A clean sky, of course.)

28 String Covered Vase (Recycled, Of Course) This was a hot sauce bottle! You need: Glass bottle Rainbow colored string White craft glue Strip of felt, measured to go around top of bottle Toothpick Scissors How do we do it? Look at the Next Slide!

29 Be sure glass bottle is clean and dry. Apply white craft glue all around the bottom part of the bottle, one inch high. Start wrapping string around the bottom of the bottle. Continue wrapping, keeping the string close together, gently pushing down with a toothpick if needed. Add more glue and continue wrapping string until you reach the top of the bottle. Cut a piece of felt wide enough to cover the lip of the bottle and long enough to wrap around it once. Glue in place. Allow everything to dry completely. Here’s How to Make That Vase

30 Magic Monarch Spinners Let’s Make Them!

31 Give each child a pattern. Have the kids glue the patterns on each side of a disk cut from a cereal box. (Note: glue upside-down. For example, if the caterpillar's head is on top on one side, the butterfly should be upside down on the other.) Punch holes with a hole punch as shown on pattern. Insert rubber band then loop to tie. Twirl by rolling the rubber bands between your thumb and fingers. Magic!

32 We Can Help the Birds! Find or buy a large pine cone, and tie a piece of heavy duty string or twine to top. Cover pine cone in peanut butter and generously sprinkle birdseed all over it. Hang pine cone on tree branch, and watch the birds have a feast!

33 What’s a Toad Abode? It’s an overturned terra cotta pot propped up by a stone or chipped enough for a toad to sneak underneath. It gives them a safe place to hide and rest. The more toads your garden has, the less pests it will have! Let’s find out how to make it!

34 Here’s How! You will need: 1 terra cotta pot acrylic craft paint paint brush (or fingers) Paint the outside of your pot. Top too! That will show. If you want your job to last forever, finish it with clear outdoor spray paint. Ribbit-Ribbit

35 Preheat oven to 400* Grease an old muffin pan. Have your students remove the paper off all the blue and green crayon pieces. Place the pieces in the muffin tin. The blue and green crayon pieces mixed together will look similar to the Earth. Place the muffin pans in the oven until crayons melt. Remove and cool until hardened. What do Crayons and the Earth Have in Common? Be careful! Ovens are Hot!! Adults Only!

36 Global Warming What is It? It is about the average temperature of the earth’s air warming up. Certain gases hold too much heat and warm the earth very much like a greenhouse.

37 What Can We do About Global Warming? Fluorescent screw in lights last 10 times longer and use 75% less electricity! Sell them as a fundraiser through school. Have a “Fill up Your Car’s Tire Day.” Properly inflated tires on your family’s car saves gas! And, of course, turn down the heat, turn off lights and electronics when not using them.

38 What’s HOT that can help COOL down our earth? The SUN! Solar collectors capture sunlight and change it into energy for heating, lighting, and other stuff our homes need for power. Cool, huh? Millions of homes in places like the US, the United Kingdom, Israel and Japan are using solar power to heat water and their homes. Too cool!

39 Fill a glass with water and add a bright shade of food color. Place a long stemmed white carnation in the glass of water. Each day watch as the white carnation changes to the same color as the food coloring! All of Earth Needs a Drink of Water

40 Here’s Why Buses and Cars Shouldn’t Idle Outside Our School! Toxic chemicals come from bus/car exhaust. When kids breathe these, they have a higher risk of: asthma, lung/heart disease, and many cancers. Let’s See What Can be Done by Kids!


42 Coffee grounds Fossils Create your own fossils to display by using old coffee grounds. What You’ll Need: 1 cup of used coffee grounds 1/2 cup of cold coffee 1 cup of flour 1/2 cup of salt Wax paper Mixing bowl Cookie Cutters Empty Can Or Butter Knife Toothpicks String, optional

43 Let’s Make Those Fossils! Stir the together the coffee grounds, cold coffee, flour, and salt until well mixed. Knead the dough together. Then flatten it out onto the waxed paper. Use the can to cut out circles of the dough or use the dull knife to cut slabs large enough to fit your "fossil" objects. Press your objects firmly into the dough. When you take the object out, you have your "fossil".

44 If you want to hang your fossil, poke holes into the edge to hold the string. Let the fossil dry up to two days and then hang it if you wish. *By the way, look how long the earth did fine without our interference. Let’s try to reduce our footprints and help it regain its health. You can do it-one kid at a time! Let’s Finish Those Fossils

45 Go Green With Rock Paperweights Wash and dry some smooth, rounded rocks. Paint your rock either black or white with acrylic craft paint. Let dry! Using small paint brush, create your paper weight with whatever pictures or designs you wish.

46 Clean Water with Solar Power? We’ll need: 1 large clear bowl plastic wrap to cover bowl 1 drinking glass kitchen spices and salt food coloring 1 small stone 1 glass of drinking water Let’s Do It!

47 Place the empty drinking glass in center of bowl. Partially fill bowl with water, food color, salt and spices. (The water should be undrinkable.) Cover bowl tightly with plastic wrap. Place small stone on the center of wrap. Place bowl in a sunny spot. Heat from the sun will eventually evaporate the “polluted” water. The water vapor will drip off the wrap and fall into cup. You will have made clean drinking water from the sun!

48 Kid’s Face is an environmental organization for young people. Kids can write letters to government leaders and corporations about pollution and other environmental issues What a great way to do a writing lesson, too! They can talk about how they live in a democracy and every voice counts, no matter how small. Kid’s Face

49 Let’s Write our Legislators We care about the environment, so make your voice heard! It's important for kids to express their views, and let adults know what their generation cares about.

50 Kids like to write about the importance of conserving wildlife habitat. And about the need to stop polluting the land, air and water. Students can write about the necessity of making laws that protect endangered species, such as wolves and grizzly bears. Legislators, Listen!

51 Our IL Senators’ Addresses Richard Durbin (D – IL) 711 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 202 224 2152 Mark Kirk (R – IL) 387 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 202 224 2854 m

52 Our President’s Address President Barack H. Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Av., NW Washington, DC 20500 www.president@whitehouse. gov

53 A Billion Acts of Green Be Part of It Help Save Our Earth- One Kid at a Time

54 green-tips-power/ Dynamite Sites for Green Kid Fun!

55 Power Point By Nancy Stewart http://nancystewartbooks.blogspot.c om

56 Remember, This Year Earth Day is: Friday, April 22, 2011 Be Part of It!

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