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Acroterion Search Engine Solutions Presentation The next mousetrap Mom, What's a Library? Search Engine Marketing is Necessity Billions of dollars poured.

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2 Acroterion Search Engine Solutions Presentation

3 The next mousetrap Mom, What's a Library? Search Engine Marketing is Necessity Billions of dollars poured in online transactions per year “Search Engines are still in diapers” – Bill Gates, Microsoft

4 What is Search Engine? In order to find documents on the Internet, people need to use a search engine. Search engines are very large databases that contain information about web pages. Search engines are automatically updated by special programs called "robots" or "spiders" that search the Internet for new content and then report their findings to the database. There are many different web search engines that you can use to do a search. Some of the most popular ones are Google, AltaVista, MSN and Yahoo!

5 What is Search Result? Organic/Natural Results Pay-Per-Click Results Hard Drive Search “Hidden” Tabs # of pages found

6 Search Engine in Action hotels san francisco My hard drive search Compass for Local Search

7 What is the problem? 1.Typical search returns millions on results. Can you place your hotel or products there? 2.Search Engines only index Relevant Content. How to index entire catalog/site? 3.Search Engines apply 70 rules to determine page relevancy. Is it possible to apply them? 4.How to avoid Spamming and Banning? 5.Return of Investment on Internet media?

8 Acroterion Solution Market ROI Catalog XML feed D2 S

9 Acroterion: D2S D2S = Dynamic to Static Site Optimization D2S optimizes website visibility and fixes problems related to searching on dynamic database content by republishing dynamic pages as static ones. With D2S it is finally possible to make site content visible, at all levels – homepages, categories and products. D2S includes tracking module to prove sales revenue and ROI. D2S is “wake up” by events: Search Engine Algorithm Changed Price Changed Layout Changed Static Page is Too Old

10 Solution: Catalog Catalog Acroterion D2S software is able to read client's catalogs or any unstructured content sources. Input Sources: Site Search DB Excel Web Pages Database Printed catalog CMS systems Actual Searches People Made & Typos We have Spider Technology to Scan sites Remotely Yes. This is not a typo! D2S can scan & Read actual printed Catalogs.

11 Solution: Market Market Gartner indicates that leading search engines are serving well over 5 million people each day. A substantial number of these people are looking for products and services for the purpose of online shopping. Clearly, it’s critical for any company selling online products and services to have a strong presence in Internet Search Engine results. Benefit Analysis: Keywords Brand Name Advertising What people Actually looking in Client’s industry. How much $ each Keyword will Generate? Many researches conducted on the importance on Internet Marketing And Brand Names. Supports current Marketing efforts. Start with Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.

12 Solution: XML Feed Acroterion D2S software publish its optimized pages as a website and XML Feeds. D2S Outputs: Static Website XML Feed Smart Submission Accessibility Seal Category Site Map Dynamic Page:../prod=1004&rl=1 Static Page:../14k_gold_ring.htm Sound Easy? Although static pages must deploy links persistent to detail pages, shopping carts menus, etc., in the originating dynamic site, they must also be linked to each other as an independent static website. Using Acroterion’s Trusted Feed, an entire website from a few to a few million pages can be keyword optimized, and fed directly into major search engine databases via a direct data feed, circumventing the traditional, lengthy and often “hit and miss” submission process, and funneling highly qualified traffic to and throughout your website in as little as 48 hours from set up. Google does not Accept Trusted Feeds, nor like too many Submissions. They called it “Spamdixing”. D2S avoid this limit by Submitting “nodes” only. XML Feed “Accessibility refers to ensuring that Content is accessible, ie. Ensuring that Content can be navigated and read by everyone, regardless of location, experience, or the type of computer technology used.” Acroterion using Watchfire technology to deploy its Accessibility Module within the D2S Software.

13 Solution: ROI Acroterion ROI is the amount of value received relative to the amount of money invested. Return on Investment: PPP Module Visitors Tracking Performance Post-click Marketing Pay Per Performance Pay only for proved results Not like tv-radio-news, every Dollar spent is traceable Active Visitors Who’s in the website now? What pages they’re looking? Which countries? Performance D2S helps you to answer the following questions:  How many visitors convert into sales?  What keyword phrases generate your sales?  From what search engines your sales originate?  What is your customer post-click activity?  What is the final conversion rates? ROI Collect, collect and again - Collect  Goal: Store visitors data  Acroterion data enable users to reuse it again  Studies found conversion rates for post-click-marketing is ten times higher.

14 D2S Major Components Acroterion Server Database Authoring Templates Catalog Static HTML Pages D2S Software XML Feed ROI Tracking 70 rules Section 508 70 rules Section 508 Event

15 Profitability Analysis The profitability analysis is based on the information we collect. Example: –Total D2S pages = 1050 –Average sale = $150 –Leads per page = 12 / month –D2S visitors = 1050 * 12 = 12,600 2% $37,800 If you get 12,600 visitors a month, and 2% become customers, generating average of $150 profit per sale, you can expect a return of $37,800 in one month! Costs: –Clicks on XML feed = 12,600 pages * $0.25 = -$3,150 –D2S services= -$1,050 ($1 per page/month) Profit = ($37,800-$4,200)*12 = $403,200 / year Research shows that on average 2% of all visitors to retail sites end up as customers. Conversion rate varies by industry

16 Straightforward Guarantee We will take your website from the back alley and relocate your business to the main downtown street.

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