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Honor Respect Devotion to Duty Please be seated…..

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1 Honor Respect Devotion to Duty Please be seated….

2 2011 Flotilla / Division Leadership Course Honor Respect Devotion to Duty Time Management R. Craig Smith, DCDR, Division 2

3 WHAT YOU WILL LEARN 2011 FDLC – Time Management  Critical Time Management Steps  Time Management Tips  Steps for Understanding Time  The Six Step Process  The Clock and the Compass


5 CRITICAL TIME MANAGEMENT STEPS  Keep a calendar  Keep accurate records  Establish timelines to accomplish goals  Empower your staff  Refuse the temptation that you can do it best  Manage your meetings... Agenda!  Avoid burnout 2011 FDLC – Time Management

6 TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS 2011 FDLC – Time Management FIRST: Get your bearings:  Review your compass  Look at the day in the context of the week  Renew your power to respond to changes in a meaningful way

7 TIME MANAGEMENT TIP - 2  Make a list... the night before  Had a thought? Write it down!  Focus on the goal  Schedule only 70% of your day  Delegate  Become a champion multi-tasker 2011 FDLC – Time Management

8 TIME MANAGEMENT TIP - 3  Your time is worth what?  Organize your surroundings  Analyze your activities for next week  Problem solve  Skim information  Avoid Procrastination 2011 FDLC – Time Management

9 THE CLOCK AND THE COMPASS The Clock commitments appointments schedules goals activities What we do and how we manage our time. 2011 FDLC – Time Management The Compass vision values principles conscience direction What is important and how we lead our lives.

10 Quadrant of Necessity Quadrant of Focus Quadrant of Deception Quadrant of Waste 1 4 3 2 Things are both urgent and important Things are important but not urgent Things seem urgent but are not important Things are neither urgent or important 2011 FDLC – Time Management UNDERSTANDING TIME

11 Quadrant of Necessity Quadrant of Focus Quadrant of Deception Quadrant of Waste Manage Avoid 1 4 2 3 2011 FDLC – Time Management Quality Leadership

12 THE SIX STEP PROCESS 1. Connect to mission 2. Review roles 3. Identify goals 4. Organize weekly 5. Exercise integrity 6. Evaluate 12 2011 FDLC – Time Management

13 STEP 1: CONNECT WITH VISION & MISSION 13 Consider the big picture. The key lies in the clarity of your vision around such questions as:  What is most important?  What gives your life meaning?  What do you want to be and do in your life? 2011 FDLC – Time Management

14  We have important roles at work, in the family, in the community, or other areas of our lives  Roles represent responsibilities, relationships, and areas of contribution 14 2011 FDLC – Time Management STEP 2: IDENTIFY ROLES

15  What is the most important thing I could do for each role this week that would have the greatest positive impact?  Consider the relationships for each role  Review a “perhaps” list for ideas  Identify the steps that need to be taken to achieve long-term goals 15 2011 FDLC – Time Management STEP 3: Select Quads 1 & 2 Goals for Each Role

16 STEP 4: ORGANIZE WEEKLY 16 2011 FDLC – Time Management Elements of Effective Weekly Goals  They can be either an area of focus or a specific activity  They are usually quad I and II goals rather than typical “to-do’s” or daily action items  They are driven by conscience

17 STEP 5: BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF Should I carry out my plan or consider reality directed changes? 17 2011 FDLC – Time Management

18 STEP 6: EVALUATE AND ADJUST 18 To be successful, you must make successes of one week the foundation for the next. At the end of the week, ask yourself some questions:  What goals did I achieve?  What challenges did I encounter?  What decisions did I make?  Did I keep “first things first?” 2011 FDLC – Time Management

19 EVALUATION METHODS  Mark accomplished goals on weekly compass  Keep a journal or daily log and review  Review past weekly compasses  Ask specific questions about your performance and actions 19 2011 FDLC – Time Management

20 Time Management Exercise Personal Time Management Chart and Exercise: 4 Steps to Better Work-life Balance 20 2011 FDLC – Time Management

21 21 2011 FDLC – Time Management The single most important principle in managing time for people in positions of leadership is the art of DELEGATION

22 2011 FDLC – Time Management DELEGATING Delegating:  Shares the load  Increases efficiency  Teaches responsibility  Inspires confidence and trust  Builds future leadership Makes Life Easier! Makes You a Better Leader

23 23 2011 FDLC – Time Management

24 Honor Respect Devotion to Duty End of Time Management Section

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