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CPSC 875 John D. McGregor C 8 More Design. Blackboard style.

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1 CPSC 875 John D. McGregor C 8 More Design

2 Blackboard style

3 Blackboard Violates several architecture principles Shared memory Used when fast access to lots of data is needed to make a decision Robotics Situational awareness Perhaps automated driving

4 Feedback/Control Loop Controller Actuator Sensor Process

5 State machine architecture Reactive systems Each input determines a state

6 Design operator: Composition Controller Actuator Sensor Process

7 Add human controller Controller Actuator Sensor Process

8 Hazards Car uses old value for set point that causes sudden acceleration Car does not disengage CC when commanded …

9 lecture-notes/MIT16_63JF12_Class10STPA.pdf

10 Engine off Engine on CC off CC On Set current speed Maintain current speed Inactive speed set initial timerElapsed apply brake resume engage Resume [setSpeed – currentSpeed< 5mph]/accelerate State machine Recalculate pedal position

11 Syntax of state diagram EventName [guard]/action SetActive [speed>20mph]/set speed MaintainSpeed[setPoint-current>3mph]/calculate pedal angle SetIdle[]/no op

12 Cruise control

13 Adaptive CC control4.htm control4.htm

14 ACC state machine

15 Controller OR

16 CACC les/publications/PRR-2011-01.pdf les/publications/PRR-2011-01.pdf

17 resources rorModelDiscussion-04202013.pdf rorModelDiscussion-04202013.pdf ter/bugtrack-emv2/issue41/Isolette.aadl ter/bugtrack-emv2/issue41/Isolette.aadl 14/SE_67_AVSI-Redman- ConsistencyCheckingInSAVI.pdf 14/SE_67_AVSI-Redman- ConsistencyCheckingInSAVI.pdf fetyAnalysiswithEMV2-july2013.pdf fetyAnalysiswithEMV2-july2013.pdf


19 RDAL requirements


21 Context


23 Darwin Service Space

24 Prototyping

25 Next Steps Develop an AADL model of the adaptive cruise control (ACC). Make the feedback loop(s) explicit in your design. Include identified hazards, related requirements, and the AADL design should incorporate those requirements and a complete error model. Submit by 11:59PM Feb 16th

26 State machine

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