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AS/RS Hardware Colton Hinckley 11/10/14.

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1 AS/RS Hardware Colton Hinckley 11/10/14

2 What is AS/RS? Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are computer-controlled systems used for automatically placing and retrieving loads from defined storage locations [1]. [2]

3 Basic System Layout Crane moves to desired horizontal and vertical location Computer Commands Crane deposits item at deposit station Crane retrieves load(s) Crane moves to Deposit station (usually conveyor)

4 What is the layout of the system?
Two robotic cranes to move horizontally and vertically Main server, generally not located on the robots Computer workstations for operators to control what is stored/retrieved and where. Power comes from rechargeable NiMH batteries, with option for power regeneration coming from lowering loads and using friction to produce power. [3]

5 Sensors Bump sensors to indicate end of aisles
Long and short range proximity sensors to help system to where it needs to go Barcode scanner to verify correct pallets/loads [4]

6 Different types of AS/RS
Fixed Aisle [5] One machine to move horizontally and vertically Same unit can extend/retract loads to and from shelves Carousel Storage System [5] Horizontal and vertical Items loaded and unloaded at specified station [6]

7 AS/RS Fixed-Aisle Carousel Unit Load Deep-Lane Mini Load Unit Load Deep-Lane Mini Load Man-on-board Vertical Lift Modules (VLM’s)

8 Unit-Load AS/RS [2] Most common Unit = pallet, standard container
One unit at a time, must go back and forth from conveyor to storage racks 100+ ft tall Heavy loads – lbs [7] 800 ft/min horizontal, 300 ft/min vertical

9 Deep-Lane AS/RS Used for large quantities of the same item, but low overall different items [8] Loaded on one side of rack, unloaded on other Different machines for storage and retrieval Speeds and load capacity similar to Unit Load AS/RS

10 Mini-Load AS/RS Carries several smaller loads at once
Loads generally are delivered to a human worker at a pickup station AS/RS crane may have walls to ensure safety of small objects 600 + lbs capacity 600 ft/min horizontal, 350 ft/min vertical [9]

11 Carousel Storage Systems
Generally NOT AS/RS, simply transports products to unload/load station [3] Smaller products that humans can lift, although cranes can be used Horizontal and vertical systems Eliminates walking time [10] Horizontal Carousel

12 Comparisons Unit Load Deep-Lane Mini-Load Application
Large load, one at a time High density unit storage Several small loads at once How many loads 1 Several Horizontal Speed 800 ft/min 600 ft/min Vertical Speed 300 ft/min 350 ft/min Load Capacity 6000 lbs 600 lbs Height Capacity ft 10-40 ft Number of cranes 1 per aisle 1 per aisle, 2 needed per operation Cost is roughly the same independent of type… all depends on size and load requirements! Roughly $2 million-10 million+

13 Is AS/RS worth it? Comparing standard Very Narrow Isle (VNA) warehouse with manned forklifts to AS/RS equipped warehouse. Technical Paper credit to Howard Zollinger, P.E. [11] Estimated initial investment of $1.2 million, but saves $650,000 per year. Less direct labor!

14 Supporting Technology
- Sensors - Conveyors (to place loads on) - Servomotors

15 Standards - Mostly have to do with operator safety
- ASME B30.13 – Markings, lights, alarms, as well as qualifications and trainings for operators.

16 Main Vendors Conveyor and Unit Load AS/RS
Mini-Load and Unit Load AS/RS Unit, Deep Lane, and Mini-Load AS/RS Horizontal and Conveyor S/RS

17 Video

18 Class Problem: Sizing an AS/RS system
See page 327 of textbook for reference [12] Each aisle of a four-aisle AS/RS contains 60 storage compartments in the length direction and 12 compartments vertically. All storage compartments are the same size to accommodate standard-size pallets of dimensions: x = 42 in, y = 48 in. The height of a unit load is z = 36 in. Using the allowances a = 6 in, b = 8 in, and c = 10 in, determine how many unit loads can be stored in the AS/RS. Solution: Storage capacity = 2*length compartments*height compartments = 2*60*12 = 1440 unit loads For 4 aisles, 4*1440 = 5760 unit loads

19 References “Material Handling Industry of America – Glossary.” Utah State Archives AS/RS. Chung, Albert. University of Florida Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory. Automation Textbook, 4E, Groover. Page 319 Automation Textbook, 4E, Groover. Page 320 Automation Textbook, 4E, Groover. Page 327

20 References

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