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AS/RS Hardware Colton Hinckley 11/10/14. What is AS/RS? Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are computer-controlled systems used for automatically.

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1 AS/RS Hardware Colton Hinckley 11/10/14

2 What is AS/RS? Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are computer-controlled systems used for automatically placing and retrieving loads from defined storage locations [1]. [2]

3 Basic System Layout Computer Commands Crane moves to desired horizontal and vertical location Crane retrieves load(s) Crane moves to Deposit station (usually conveyor) Crane deposits item at deposit station

4 What is the layout of the system? -Two robotic cranes to move horizontally and vertically -Main server, generally not located on the robots -Computer workstations for operators to control what is stored/retrieved and where. -Power comes from rechargeable NiMH batteries, with option for power regeneration coming from lowering loads and using friction to produce power. [3]

5 Sensors -Bump sensors to indicate end of aisles -Long and short range proximity sensors to help system to where it needs to go -Barcode scanner to verify correct pallets/loads [4]

6 Different types of AS/RS Fixed Aisle [5] One machine to move horizontally and vertically Same unit can extend/retract loads to and from shelves Carousel Storage System [5] Horizontal and vertical Items loaded and unloaded at specified station [6]

7 Unit Load Deep-Lane Mini Load Man-on-board Vertical Lift Modules (VLM’s) AS/RS Unit LoadDeep-LaneMini Load Fixed-Aisle Carousel

8 Unit-Load AS/RS Most common Unit = pallet, standard container One unit at a time, must go back and forth from conveyor to storage racks 100+ ft tall Heavy loads – 6000+ lbs [7] 800 ft/min horizontal, 300 ft/min vertical [2]

9 Deep-Lane AS/RS Used for large quantities of the same item, but low overall different items [8] Loaded on one side of rack, unloaded on other Different machines for storage and retrieval Speeds and load capacity similar to Unit Load AS/RS

10 Mini-Load AS/RS Carries several smaller loads at once Loads generally are delivered to a human worker at a pickup station AS/RS crane may have walls to ensure safety of small objects 600 + lbs capacity 600 ft/min horizontal, 350 ft/min vertical [9]

11 Carousel Storage Systems Generally NOT AS/RS, simply transports products to unload/load station [3] Smaller products that humans can lift, although cranes can be used Horizontal and vertical systems Eliminates walking time [10] Horizontal Carousel

12 Comparisons Unit LoadDeep-LaneMini-Load ApplicationLarge load, one at a time High density unit storage Several small loads at once How many loads11Several Horizontal Speed 800 ft/min 600 ft/min Vertical Speed300 ft/min 350 ft/min Load Capacity6000 lbs 600 lbs Height Capacity40-100 ft 10-40 ft Number of cranes 1 per aisle1 per aisle, 2 needed per operation 1 per aisle Cost is roughly the same independent of type… all depends on size and load requirements! Roughly $2 million-10 million+

13 Is AS/RS worth it? [11] Estimated initial investment of $1.2 million, but saves $650,000 per year. Less direct labor! Comparing standard Very Narrow Isle (VNA) warehouse with manned forklifts to AS/RS equipped warehouse. Technical Paper credit to Howard Zollinger, P.E.

14 Supporting Technology - Sensors - Conveyors (to place loads on) - Servomotors

15 Standards - Mostly have to do with operator safety - ASME B30.13 – Markings, lights, alarms, as well as qualifications and trainings for operators.

16 Main Vendors Mini-Load and Unit Load AS/RSConveyor and Unit Load AS/RS Unit, Deep Lane, and Mini-Load AS/RS Horizontal and Conveyor S/RS

17 Video

18 Class Problem: Sizing an AS/RS system See page 327 of textbook for reference [12] Each aisle of a four-aisle AS/RS contains 60 storage compartments in the length direction and 12 compartments vertically. All storage compartments are the same size to accommodate standard-size pallets of dimensions: x = 42 in, y = 48 in. The height of a unit load is z = 36 in. Using the allowances a = 6 in, b = 8 in, and c = 10 in, determine how many unit loads can be stored in the AS/RS. Solution: Storage capacity = 2*length compartments*height compartments = 2*60*12 = 1440 unit loads For 4 aisles, 4*1440 = 5760 unit loads

19 References 1.“Material Handling Industry of America – Glossary.” 3.Utah State Archives AS/RS. agreements/documents/CopyofArchivesASRSPD-4217.04.15.pdf agreements/documents/CopyofArchivesASRSPD-4217.04.15.pdf 4.Chung, Albert. University of Florida Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory. albert/asrs.pdf 5.Automation Textbook, 4E, Groover. Page 319 6. 7. Distribution/Automated-Storage-Retrieval-System-AS-RS/Unit-Load Distribution/Automated-Storage-Retrieval-System-AS-RS/Unit-Load 8.Automation Textbook, 4E, Groover. Page 320 9. systems/stacker-cranes-for-boxes systems/stacker-cranes-for-boxes 10. lift-modules/ lift-modules/ 11. rs/technicalpapers/asrswhitepaper2.pdf rs/technicalpapers/asrswhitepaper2.pdf 12.Automation Textbook, 4E, Groover. Page 327

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