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CSIC I nstituto de A groquímica y T ecnología de A limentos.

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1 CSIC I nstituto de A groquímica y T ecnología de A limentos


3 PERSONAL Satff: Scientific: 48 No scientific: 41 89 Postdoctorals: 16 Graduate Students: MEC: 8 Conselleria: 6 C/Projects: 15 45 University: 6 Others: 10 Other temporary personal: 6

4 POSTHARVEST LAB Physiology, pathology and biotechnology of Citrus fruit – ripening and postharvest storage IATA FOOD SCIENCE DEPARTMENT

5 MEAT SCIENCE LAB. Biochemistry of meat cured products – aroma formation and other quality parameters IATA FOOD SCIENCE DEPARTMENT

6 Processing, quality and preservation of cereals and derivate products IATA FOOD SCIENCE DEPARTMENT CEREALS LAB.

7 IATA Food-package interaction, Development and testing of new materials for food preservation CONSERVATION AND QUALITY DEP.

8 IATA Risk assessment: new technologies for food preservation Metal contaminations As Pb Cd Hg CONSERVATION AND QUALITY DEP.

9 Texture, color, flavour and other changes IATA Sensorial evaluation of new products and processes CONSERVATION AND QUALITY DEP.

10 Metabolism and biotechnology of lactic bacteria and pro-biotics IATA Nutritional effects of pro-biotics BIOTECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT

11 IATA Yeast for bakery: metabolism and biotechnology for frost and osmotic tolerance BIOTECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT

12 IATA Biotechnology of yeast and fungus to improve wine properties Identification and selection of new yeast strands Biotechnology of yeast stress conditions BIOTECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT

13 IATA Enzyme engineering: structure-function functional modification Development of new molecular methods for food microorganisms identification BIOTECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT

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