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How to apply for Erasmus+ Technical guidelines Authentication, Registration and Submission 1.

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1 How to apply for Erasmus+ Technical guidelines Authentication, Registration and Submission 1

2 Content Authentication: ECAS Registration: URF Submission: application eForms 2


4 Register to ECAS ECAS manual > Αιτήσεις > Βήμα 4 στον κάθε τομέα 4

5 5

6 6 Fill in the fields and follow the instructions

7 An e-mail is sent to you Follow the link to complete the registration 7 Click here to activate your account by entering a password. You have 1.30h to activate it from the time you received this email

8 10 characters at least: Upper case: A-Z Lower case: a-z Numeric :0-9 Special: !"#$%&'()*+,-./:; ?@[\]^_`{|}~ A password expires 180 days after being changed or initialised. A warning is given 5 days before password expiration A password cannot be changed until it is at least 1 day old. The last 5 passwords are remembered and cannot be re-used. Enter a password of your choice

9 Make sure the domain is "External" 9


11 11 Unique Registration Facility (URF): Participants Portal Central register of organisations in EU programmes (beneficiaries and partners) Register only once for all future interactions Unique Participant Identification Code: PIC code PIC is entered in applications Maintain Organisation data online URF

12 How to Register your Organisation ECAS login Search and check to avoid duplicate PICs Duplicates can not be deleted (valid/invalid by NA) Future changes to data of organisation must be done in URF For centralised action applications there is different access point to URF (contact me for information) Landing page Erasmus+ URF (decentralised actions): rtal/desktop/en/home.html rtal/desktop/en/home.html > Αιτήσεις > Βήμα 5 στον κάθε τομέα 12

13 13 You need to log in with your ECAS account

14 Logging in to URF Log in with ECAS 14

15 15

16 16

17 17 Contact Organisation through email Sample Organisation

18 18 Sample Organisation

19 19 How to register

20 20

21 21

22 22 Schools select: -No for VAT number - No for Business Registration Number

23 23 Schools may use: -an iconic Registration Date (i.e after 1960) -Registration Authority: Republic of Cyprus

24 24

25 25

26 26 1) SOS: Choose Erasmus+ here

27 27 After selecting Erasmus+ from Programme list:

28 28 If you have selected before Erasmus+ (previous step), you don’t have to select it again.

29 29 check details

30 30


32 Log in to URF and go to My Organisations 32

33 Click on the icon next to the organisation 33

34 34 Make sure that these tabs are filled!

35 URF DOCUMENTS Adding documents in URF 35

36 URF Documents For every Organisation, certain documents need to be added in URF: Legal entity egal_entities_en.cfm egal_entities_en.cfm Financial identification ancial_id_en.cfm ancial_id_en.cfm Financial Capacity for grants exceeding 60000 EUR (private companies only) the applicant’s profit and loss account and the balance sheet for the last financial year for which accounts were closed These documents cannot be added during the registration. They need to be added afterwards Documents can’t be deleted after they are uploaded 36

37 URF Documents Click on the Documents tab 37

38 URF Documents Click on Add a new document 38

39 URF Documents Click on Browse to upload the document 39

40 URF Documents Select the document type 40

41 URF Documents Select the Year and enter a Description 41

42 URF Documents Click on "Submit for processing" 42

43 URF Documents The document is added successfully 43


45 45 eForms Electronic Application Forms Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 11+ Can be downloaded from Paperless application (no copy to NA) Check of PIC on application: Prefills data of organisation Annexes to the application eform Declaration of honour Mandates of partners National Agencies CY01 - Foundation for the Management of European Lifelong Learning Programmes

46 46 Save form

47 47 Edit – Preferences – Javascript Javascript Settings

48 48 Form version: για έλεγχο ποιας έκδοσης αίτησης έχετε Adobe Reader version: ήδη εγκατεστημένο στον υπολογιστή μου

49 PIC check 49 Organisation details retrieved from URF at successful check of PIC Not possible to change details in eForm, only from URF

50 50 Online distance calculator for the selection of the right band City level Distance Calculator

51 51 Print, fill, sign, stamp and scan it (to be uploaded before submission) Declaration of Honour

52 52 Before submitting make sure you upload the necessary documents to the eform Declaration of honour Mandates of partners Invitation letters (for schools) Acceptable formats: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, txt, odt, ods Max 10 MB for 5 file (annexes). If more than 5 files, merge similar ones to 1 file. Zip formats are not allowed Attachments

53 53 1 1 If errors are spotted during validation (step 1) correct them. Form should be valid in order to submit 2 2

54 54 1)Submit early!!! 2) Check you last submission to be the correct one 3) Save and keep the eform application after submission for future reference and/or distribution to partners 4) You can optionally print it for your reference Successful submission


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